February 17, 2010

Top 3 events at the ASU Art Museum this month

Posted: Feb 17, 2010 | 1 min 42 sec

Two exhibits and the biannual Ceram-a-Rama event make February a great month to explore the ASU Art Museum.

Wanxin Zhang: A Ten Year Survey (Jan. 30-May 1)

Inspired by the soldiers of the Qin terra cotta army unearthed in Xian, China in 1974, Zhang's large-scale terra cotta figures cross over from history into today's culture. His works are marked at once by a collision of cultures; manner of dress, hair fashion and calligraphy are drawn from Chinese culture while American peculiarities are added as ironic twists.

Altered States: Paintings by Gordon Cheung from the Stephane Janssen Collection (Jan. 9-April 10)

Cheung’s paintings explore our world in fantastic landscapes. He combines collage, Japanese ink brushwork, photographic transfers, oil and spray paint on top of stock listings from the distinctively pink London Financial Times; the contrast of Cheung’s images with streams of numbers seem to predict the recent global financial crisis. The exhibition will also present four new video works by the artist.

Ceram-a-Rama: a (really*) Progressive Clay Affair (March 4-7, 2010)

Come join the crowd as we move from location to location during the most exciting ceramic events of the year! Not to be missed, this festive four-day celebration is your opportunity to see the best clay work by renowned national and international artists. The itinerary includes tours of private collections, meals, exhibitions and a Saturday night after-party at the hip W Hotel in Scottsdale. The event supports the acclaimed exhibition and education programs of the ASU Art Museum Ceramics Research Center at Arizona State University.

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