October 07, 2015

Tempe campus


Celebrate historic Pluto flyby with space party at ASU

The dwarf planet will get a historic flyby from NASA’s New Horizons spacecraft on Tuesday, and Arizona State University's School of Earth and Space Exploration is celebrating with a free Pluto Palooza party.


News coverage | Social Science:  ASU professor says city planning is key to combating urban heat

In the opening weeks of this summer thousands of people across the globe succumbed to heat-related deaths, and more loss is imminent.


New program helps students navigate the complex world of science diplomacy

Science diplomacy is about a lot more than science – scientists must learn how to make personal connections with policy makers. To that end, a new summer program has brought together 14 students from around the world to learn about this complex topic.


Arts / Culture | News coverage:  New commissioned artwork at ASU Art Museum receives national acclaim

This summer, ASU Art Museum is presenting a new commissioned work by Mexico City-based artist Yoshua Okón, in an exhibition titled "Oracle." In a recent conversation with Artforum, Okón describes his time in the desert.


ASU researcher disputes claim that humans can distinguish 1 trillion odors

Rick Gerkin, an assistant research professor with ASU's School of Life Sciences, said the data used in a study made public last year does not support the claim the human nose is capable of distinguishing at least 1 trillion odors.


Engineering student combines gaming, Fitbit tech to address childhood obesity

Driven by her love for hiking and yoga, ASU student Courtney Van Bussum has created FitStart Kids, a unique tool for children struggling with obesity that incorporates built-in gamification to help children adopt a healthy mindset.


Researchers find mass killings, school shootings are contagious

An ASU team examined databases on past high-profile mass killings and school shootings in the U.S. and fit a contagion model to the data to determine if these tragedies inspired similar events in the near future.


Creating a stopwatch for volcanic eruptions

An ASU professor is striving to better understand the potential for future eruptions at Yellowstone volcano by studying those in the recent past.


ASU students head to France for global entrepreneurship experience

ASU is sending some of its "best risk-takers" – 11 student entrepreneurs – to France to join nearly 600 students at the European Innovation Academy. There they will refine their business skills, build contacts and pitch their start-up ideas to investors.


ASU professor develops artificial-intelligence tools for environmental research

The old topographical map just isn't cutting it anymore. The United States Geological Survey seeks to develop richer data sources and to that end has tapped the skills of an ASU professor who hopes to apply cutting-edge computer science to geography.

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