July 29, 2015

Tempe campus


Student finds path with research opportunities, ASU GeoClub

ASU senior Katherine Sheppard is studying lava flows from Lassen volcanoes, which are volcanoes in northern California, to understand how they form in the Earth's mantel.


Key blood-pressure drug seen in startling new detail

A new Arizona State University research study has revealed the fine details of how an experimental drug works to regulate blood pressure, paving the way to the development of better drugs.


ASU students turn research into action to help vets with PTSD

ASU professor James Shraiky's students, working with non-profit Wings for Warriors, interviewed veterans with PTSD to better understand their health-care experience. What they discovered shifted their focus from research to a call to action.


Study of primate social behavior brings ASU anthropologist major honor

For Arizona State University anthropologist Joan Silk, baboons – specifically, female baboons – offer significant clues to understanding the form and function of social bonds.


Tau Ceti: The next Earth? Probably not

The list of potential life-supporting planets just got a little shorter.


ASU's New American University library will preserve past while looking forward

ASU's library system will see a total transformation in the upcoming years, where buildings will become "showrooms" and librarians will be enthusiastic collaborators.


'Politics of Emotion' subject of ASU humanities symposium

Over the past year, research fellows at the Institute for Humanities Research have been engaging in studies of affect and reason in various historical contexts and, after several months of intensive inquiry, believe they may have found some answers.


ASU anthropologist explores warfare as a form of cooperation

While many view warfare as a breakdown between societies, Arizona State University anthropologist Sarah Mathew views it as an outgrowth of cooperation.


ASU play tackles comedy, realism and politics

"Our Kiki: A Gay Farce," a new play written by one ASU alumnus and directed by another, merges the comedic and the serious, putting an often-marginalized group in the spotlight.


ASU students to 'Ditch the Dumpster' on Earth Day

ASU students across all campuses are being asked to "Ditch the Dumpster" by donating their unwanted items from campus residence halls instead of throwing them away.

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