October 09, 2015

College of Liberal Arts and Sciences


Sci-fi anthology explores futures shaped by journeys through time and space

“Journeys through Time and Space,” a new anthology of creative, thought-provoking visions of the future has been published by Arizona State University’s Center for Science and the Imagination, Intel’s Tomorrow Project and the Society for Science & the Public.


Origins Project awards $50K to outstanding ASU undergraduates, faculty mentors

The Origins Project has announced the recipients of its inaugural Undergraduate Research Scholarship, which awards ASU undergraduates and their faculty mentors.


'Astrobiology superstar' to make case for human travel to Mars

Chris McKay, who will be speaking at ASU on Nov. 2, will discuss populating Mars and other issues as part of the Shoemaker Memorial Lecture.


Study: Collectors plundering cactuses to extinction

Black-market collectors willing to pay hundreds of thousands for rare cactuses are putting more than 30 percent of the species at risk for extinction, according to a paper released Monday. ASU conservation biologist Jan Schipper contributed to the study.


Q&A: Sherry Towers on the contagion effect of mass shootings

An ASU physicist who studies statistics about the "contagion" of mass shootings talks about the recent tragedy in Oregon, and how the media can contribute to future mass shootings.


Hacking technology for the social good

People from all walks of life came together for ASU's Hacks for Humanity – a "hackathon for the social good. This year, ideas ranged from apps that assist in calming car-crash victims to finding kidney donors to helping pedestrians better navigate cities.


ASU space students give 'The Martian' a thumbs-up — mostly

The space survival epic “The Martian” hit theaters Friday to rave reviews from critics – and even some scientists. But while a couple of ASU students studying space liked the film, they pointed out that not all of was scientifically accurate.


TV producer Rabih Gholam a major Devils' Advocate

Rabih Gholam is considered one of Hollywood's notable tastemakers, having created some of reality television's most memorable productions. But before he was making pop culture history as a television executive, Gholam was studying history at ASU.


Moral philosopher Peter Singer joins ASU's Lawrence Krauss in conversation on ethics

"Singer & Krauss: An Origins Project Dialogue" is a candid and unscripted conversation on ethics for the 21st century, covering topics ranging from animal liberation to dying with dignity to effective altruism.


Managing the complexities of power supply, demand

While innovations are helping to create "smarter" grids that enable utilities to better monitor, manage and adapt to changing energy flows, innovations also introduces new issues related to citizens' rights when it comes to consuming and producing power.

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