March 06, 2015

College of Liberal Arts and Sciences


Launch of ASU center prompts discussion of nature as source for sustainable ideas

Arizona State University's Biomimicry Center will facilitate research, education and practice initiatives that build on nature’s successes to meet sustainability challenges.


ASU student develops sensing technology for visually, hearing impaired

ASU graduate Shantanu Bala, who developed a new technology while at ASU, is helping people with visual and hearing disabilities know what they can't sense.


For a human problem, a humanities solution

A group of scholars at Arizona State University is addressing long-term sustainability problems by using a potent combination of humanistic scholarship and scientific research.


ASU researchers explore longer life cycle for batteries

Arizona State University researchers are exploring new energy storage technology that could give the battery an even longer life cycle.


ASU THEMIS camera helps NASA pick site for next Mars lander

Infrared and visual images of the Martian surface taken by Arizona State University's THEMIS camera are mapping dust and rocks at the landing site for NASA's upcoming InSight mission to Mars.


Book by ASU journalist next on discussion agenda

The ASU Book Group will meet at noon, March 25, to discuss "Zora Folley: The Distinguished Life and Mysterious Death of a Gentleman Boxer," by Marshall Terrill.


Professor of geography passes away at 78

Charles S. Sargent, professor emeritus of geography, who researched the evolution of frontiers and the growth of towns and cities, including Phoenix, passed away Feb. 3. He was 78.


Circumnavigator Award sends global health students abroad

Global health juniors Annie Carson and Nirali Patel, both winners of the 2015 Circumnavigator Award, will travel over summer to six countries for an independent research project.


ASU professor works to empower 'citizen scientists'

ASU professor of practice and citizen science pioneer Darlene Cavalier has been elected to the inaugural board of the Citizen Science Association, an organization recently established to improve opportunities for everyday citizens to get involved with science.


Students find opportunities at second annual ASU Humanities Career Fair

The second annual Humanities Career Fair will offer students the opportunity to meet with prospective employers and internship providers in nonprofit, corporate, governmental, small business and privately-run organizations.

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