May 04, 2015

College of Liberal Arts and Sciences


Earth / Space | News coverage:  Is there life on Saturn's moon Enceladus?

ASU researchers are hoping to work with NASA to find out if Saturn's tiny moon Europa supports life.


News coverage | Social Science:  Liquid mercury found beneath Teotihuacan temple

Excavations of a tunnel beneath Teotihuacan's Feathered Serpent Pyramid have revealed liquid mercury. ASU research professor George Cowgill commented on the find for the Huffington Post.


Making sense of smell: Will bio-inspired robots sniff out bombs, drugs and disease?

A behavioral neuroscientist from ASU is part of a global group working on research that could set the stage for the creation of bio-inspired robots that could "smell" as effectively as we do.


Giving everyday citizens a voice in global policy decisions

On June 6, thousands of average citizens around the world, including a group of 100 at Arizona State University, will have the opportunity to give their take on climate change and energy.


ASU students channel MacGyver to solve science, engineering problems

ASU students asked themselves, "What would MacGyver do?" during a new seminar course taught by the Jet Propulsion Laboratory's Andy Klesh.


Study of human behavior takes ASU anthropology student across globe

ASU doctoral anthropology student Leonid Tiokhin uses evolutionary theory to explore human behavior. He is particularly interested in Indonesian culture and will travel to Java this summer as a Fulbright-Hays scholar.


Sci-fi anthology explores visions of the future

Imagine a world devoid of animal life except for humans. Or a future where medical advances enable people to live for hundreds upon hundreds of years. These are just a few of the quandaries explored in the new sci-fi anthology "Living Tomorrow."


Humanities | News coverage:  ASU historian's book on slavery's contribution to capitalism gets high marks

The Daily Beast has published a review of "The Business of Slavery and the Rise of American Capitalism, 1815-1860," (Yale University Press, 2015) by ASU associate professor of history Calvin Schermerhorn.


Student finds path with research opportunities, ASU GeoClub

ASU senior Katherine Sheppard is studying lava flows from Lassen volcanoes, which are volcanoes in northern California, to understand how they form in the Earth's mantel.


Liberal arts and sciences faculty honored for quality teaching

At the end of the academic year, the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences honors and recognizes its faculty for quality teaching.

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