May 29, 2015

College of Liberal Arts and Sciences


Regents' Professor delves into plight of Afghan women in new book

In her new book, "Contested Terrain: Reflections with Afghan Women Leaders," Arizona State University Regents' Professor Sally Kitch seeks to shed light on the role Western intervention has played in the fate of Afghan women.


ASU scientists play key roles in new NASA mission to Jupiter's moon Europa

NASA is sending a mission to see whether Europa, an icy moon of Jupiter, has conditions suitable for life, and three ASU scientists are involved with the mission's instruments.


Rebecca Tsosie appointed ASU vice provost for inclusion, community engagement

ASU professor Rebecca Tsosie has been appointed vice provost for inclusion and community engagement. She hopes to develop a transformative model of inclusion and community engagement that will set an important standard for leadership in higher education.


ASU professor Eduardo Pagán named associate dean of community affairs

Professor Eduardo Pagán has been appointed associate dean for community affairs for the New College of Interdisciplinary Arts and Sciences, with focus on building ASU's relationships with West-side and Native communities.


ASU researchers taking bold steps toward engineering new lungs

ASU researchers are working to improve aspects of lung engineering that may in the future contribute to providing a nearly limitless supply of donor organs, ideally matched to their recipients, or to repairing damaged lungs.


ASU expertise results in faster, portable microbial analysis in the field

In a masterful merger of engineering, physics and biology, ASU researchers have developed a briefcase-size device that can continuously detect trace bacterial levels in the ocean, quantify microbes in the soil, detect pathogens in our food and more.


'Dear Himalayas': ASU alum pens love poem to Nepal

ASU alum Samyak Shertok will launch a "Healing Through Poetry" project in Nepal this summer to help those affected by the recent earthquakes.


Experts discuss need for cross-border collaborations in higher education, research

University presidents, faculty, international leaders and experts convened at ASU to discuss the role that higher education and research institutions play in advancing quality of life, sustainability and economic development in the Arizona-Sonora region.


Sun Devil salute: 10 facts about the military at ASU

Which military branch's ROTC at ASU is among the oldest in the nation? Which ASU college has the highest percentage of veteran and service members? Find out that and more about the military at ASU, just in time for Memorial Day.


Outstanding student, professor earn top math awards

Arizona State University student Jakob Hansen and ASU professor Horst Thieme have received Charles Wexler awards for their excellence in mathematics.

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