August 02, 2015

Ira A. Fulton Schools of Engineering


Paving the way to a cooler future

ASU engineer Kamil Kaloush is exploring ways to reduce the urban heat island effect.


Engineering | Graduate students | News coverage:  Improving social media network security

ASU researchers are working on ways to help social media network users protect their privacy.


ASU, Mayo Clinic deepen partnership in health care, medical research

ASU's Biomedical Informatics has moved to the Scottsdale campus of Mayo Clinic as part of the university's deepening partnership with Mayo.


Engineering | Students:  Making strides in modernizing engineering education

ASU faculty members are helping to lead the development of new and more effective ways to teach engineering.


Keck award spurs research for low-cost mass measurements

ASU researchers are developing a clever way to perform useful analyses of single molecules.


Note-Taker device promises to help students overcome visual impairments

A recent ASU graduate and three current students are using their engineering and design skills to develop a device to help people overcome visual impairments.


Computer science student's skills help create new mobile device applications

A mobile application to assist veterinarians has gotten an ASU computer science student and an ASU business student to the final round of a national entrepreneurship competition.


ASU takes lead role in accelerating solar energy advances

ASU will lead a new national Engineering Research Center to solve the challenges in harnessing solar power in economically viable and sustainable ways.


Engineering | Innovation / Entrepreneurship | News coverage:  Nanotechnology: Portal to a stronger economy?

An ASU engineering professor sees the potential of nanotechnology to give birth to new industries.


Drama in the lab: Creative safety training film earns international award

A lab safety training film that was produced, directed, written and acted by ASU staff, students and faculty recently earned an international award from the Campus Safety Health and Environmental Management Association.

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