July 03, 2015

Ira A. Fulton Schools of Engineering


Computer science student's skills help create new mobile device applications

A mobile application to assist veterinarians has gotten an ASU computer science student and an ASU business student to the final round of a national entrepreneurship competition.


ASU takes lead role in accelerating solar energy advances

ASU will lead a new national Engineering Research Center to solve the challenges in harnessing solar power in economically viable and sustainable ways.


Engineering | Innovation / Entrepreneurship | News coverage:  Nanotechnology: Portal to a stronger economy?

An ASU engineering professor sees the potential of nanotechnology to give birth to new industries.


Drama in the lab: Creative safety training film earns international award

A lab safety training film that was produced, directed, written and acted by ASU staff, students and faculty recently earned an international award from the Campus Safety Health and Environmental Management Association.


ASU think tank aims to aid construction industry recovery

ASU's Alliance for Construction Excellence is gathering national business leaders for a series of think tank sessions to help the construction industry chart a course to economic recovery.


Mobile medical clinic venture vying for entrepreneurship award

A venture to convert shipping containers into portable medical clinics has earned four ASU students a spot as finalists in a national entrepreneurship contest.


Helping to bring holistic approach to sustainable urban development

An ASU engineering student has a key role in a project that will help shape the future of a budding metropolis.


Delivering aid, medical attention in a box

Two ASU students are the founders of G3Box, a nonprofit that recycles and repurposes shipping containers into portable medical clinics that can be deployed around the world.


Measuring glucose levels with tears

Undergraduate students in the LaBelle lab are working on a Tear TOUCH Glucose Sensing project to measure glucose levels in tears rather than blood.


Guiding girls to explore engineering

A new ASU education outreach program is designed to find the most effective ways to interest girls in engineering and science careers.

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