September 02, 2015

Ira A. Fulton Schools of Engineering


ASU engineer to join high-powered leaders in Aspen Institute fellowship

An entrepreneurial ASU materials scientist and engineer will contribute to a prominent institute's endeavors to help solve the world's challenges.


ASU grant supports 'biomimicry' as a way to solve human challenges

Other annual awards will fund research into debilitating diseases and support foster youth, students with financial need


ASU lab provides insight into user experience for apps, stores, more

The new iLUX lab at ASU provides studies, evidence-based data and analysis to help you understand how the user experiences your websites, apps, products and services.


Children get hands-on engineering experiences at ASU DiscoverE Day

About 2,500 young students got an interactive introduction to engineering at DiscoverE Day presented by ASU's Ira A. Fulton Schools of Engineering.


Engineering achievements earn ASU professors fellow status

Outstanding accomplishments in engineering have earned Arizona State University professors Daniel Bliss and Yong-Hang Zhang honored status in one of the world's most prominent professional organizations.


Training system helps ASU aviation students take wing

The Polytechnic School at Arizona State University is the first in the world to integrate a unique system that provides students with a link to live air traffic control and real flight paths.


ASU researchers license technology to measure glucose in saliva, a potential boon for diabetics

ASU engineering professor Jeffrey La Belle's use of biomarkers in saliva could replace current tests that require individuals with Type II diabetes to draw blood samples each day.


Changemaker Challenge winners reach out to those expressing thoughts of suicide on social media

Expressions of suicidal thinking or intent should never be ignored. But what happens when a message of desperation is lost in the noise of internet chatter?


ASU engineering student awarded prestigious Goldwater Scholarship

Impressive achievements in the classroom, in the laboratory and in community service helped an ASU engineering student win one of the nation’s top scholarships.


Sustainability | Engineering | News coverage:  Developing alternative concrete materials to protect the environment

An ASU engineer is formulating new kinds of concrete that could be made without the harmful greenhouse gases emitted in the production of conventional concrete.

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