March 27, 2015

Ira A. Fulton Schools of Engineering


US Secretary of Energy visits ASU to tour research projects, meet with STEM students

U.S. Secretary of Energy Ernest Moniz recently visited Arizona State University to meet with science, technology, engineering and math students, and explore Department of Energy research projects at the university.


ASU engineer earns international acclaim for water resources work

An Arizona State University professor has been honored with an international award for his work in global water systems engineering and management.


Technology advances earn international, state innovation awards

Biomedical and electrical engineering endeavors earn statewide awards for an ASU professor and an undergraduate student.


Transit-oriented development helps cities ease off the gas

The way we design and build our cities can help drive people's transportation choices. ASU researchers are helping local cities promote sustainable transit.


Tech-minded women invited to panel, networking event

Women interested in computer science careers are invited to a networking event at 6:30 p.m., Dec. 10, in the University Club at Arizona State University in Tempe.


Researchers explore future of 'postdigital' textbook

A team of Arizona State University researchers has been awarded a grant from the National Science Foundation to conduct research on the future of the textbook.


Beyond human: exploring transhumanism

Since the earliest stone tools, people have relied on technology to enhance their abilities. But will we eventually integrate with our tech so completely that we cease to be human?


Fulbright award takes computer scientist to France

As one of this year’s Fulbright Scholars, ASU computer science professor Arunabha Sen will have an opportunity to work with some of Europe’s leading experts in his field.


A 'smart' device for stroke rehabilitation

Pamela Robles-Franco is among the first class of Mexican students who traveled to the U.S. this year as part of the 100,000 Strong in the Americas Initiative to participate in intensive research experiences.


ASU among 12 institutions teaming up to promote reflection in learning

A new Consortium to Promote Reflection in Engineering Education will develop and promote teaching practices that help undergraduate engineering students reflect on their experiences.

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