April 19, 2014

Grants / Awards


Math researcher earns prestigious START Prize

Clemens Heitainger, ASU assistant professor of applied mathematics, has been named one of the top young researchers by the Austrian Minister of Science.


ASU bioarchaeologist to lead team in piecing together Sudan's ancient past

With over $1 million in funding from a joint Qatari-Sudanese initiative, ASU associate professor Brenda Baker will lead an international team of researchers in uncovering and preserving parts of Sudan's archaeological record.


Engineering project aims at improving disaster response networks

Arizona State University and University of Arizona engineers are teaming on a national project to develop a more technologically advanced and reliable disaster-response network.


Engineering | Renewable energy | News coverage | Grants / Awards:  Quest to boost solar-cell performance

In a TV interview, ASU engineer Stuart Bowden describes a new research project aimed at making a big advance in solar-energy technology.


Professor receives high honor for contributions to geography

The Association of American Geographers has selected Wei Li for one of its highest awards – the 2014 Ronald F. Abler Distinguished Service Honors.


Engineering project shows promise for advances in lighting technology

An ASU engineering research team's project shows promise for advancing technologies to improve text and image displays on electronic devices.


ASU receives grant to partner with Pakistan women's college

ASU is participating in an academic exchange program with Kinnaird College, a 100-year-old women's college in Pakistan, thanks to a grant from the U.S. Department of State.


ASU engineer wins international group's 2013 educator award

ASU has one of the world’s top educators in facilities management, according to an international organization dedicated to the field.


New health studies launched with ASU, Mayo seed grants

Researchers from ASU and Mayo Clinic are teaming up to study critical health problems with support from seed grants funded jointly by ASU and Mayo Clinic.


Materials research progress earns professor praise from peer groups

Achievements in materials science and engineering research continue to earn an ASU engineer recognition from peers and professional organizations.

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