October 09, 2015

Grants / Awards


Managing the complexities of power supply, demand

While innovations are helping to create "smarter" grids that enable utilities to better monitor, manage and adapt to changing energy flows, innovations also introduces new issues related to citizens' rights when it comes to consuming and producing power.


ASU center director Jane Maienschein joins University Professor elite

Two Arizona State University faculty members were appointed to an elite group of ASU University Professors on Sept. 29 by ASU President Michael M. Crow and Interim Provost Mark Searle.


ASU professor honored for work on energy

Martin "Mike" Pasqualetti, an Arizona State University professor and an expert on energy and social components of energy development, will be awarded the 2015 Alexander and Ilse Melamid Memorial Medal by the American Geographical Society.


New ASU research on sense of smell could help pinpoint causes of brain diseases

The National Science Foundation has awarded Arizona State University — and three partner institutions — a three-year, $3.6 million grant to study how healthy brains create memories of odors, as well as how they fail when affected by disease.


Smart city designs earn ASU sustainability students Verizon grants

Three ASU sustainability students have been awarded grants for their ideas generated in the Smart City and Technology Innovation Challenge.


ASU's Maienschein earns prestigious Hull Prize

The International Society for History, Philosophy, and Social Studies of Biology has given its top award, the David L. Hull Prize, to ASU Regents' Professor Jane Maienschein.


Team to study impact of migration on the children left behind

America is largely a country of immigrants — but what happens to those, especially children, left behind? ASU professor Jennifer Glick and an interdisciplinary team will spend the next five years studying that, thanks to a National Institutes of Health grant.


ASU professor named Arizona Bioscience Researcher of the Year

The Arizona Bioindustry Association has named Wayne Frasch, a professor with Arizona State University's School of Life Sciences, the 2015 Arizona Bioscience Researcher of the Year.


Students strive for deeper understanding of urban desert meteorology

ASU students' meteorological research project could help the nation’s military forces be better prepared to deploy in desert climates.


ASU chosen to lead lunar CubeSat mission

An ASU-built CubeSat will be used to produce a map of the water resources on the moon for future space exploration. The tiny satellite is a big achievement for the university since it is the first ASU-led interplanetary mission.

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