April 28, 2015

Grants / Awards


Study of primate social behavior brings ASU anthropologist major honor

For Arizona State University anthropologist Joan Silk, baboons – specifically, female baboons – offer significant clues to understanding the form and function of social bonds.


ASU engineering student awarded prestigious Goldwater Scholarship

Impressive achievements in the classroom, in the laboratory and in community service helped an ASU engineering student win one of the nation’s top scholarships.


ASU engineer works to transform ordinary metals into smart materials

A National Science Foundation CAREER Award will help an ASU mechanical engineer expand his work on developing "shape-memory" metal alloys.


ASU anthropologist explores warfare as a form of cooperation

While many view warfare as a breakdown between societies, Arizona State University anthropologist Sarah Mathew views it as an outgrowth of cooperation.


ASU team searching for signs of life in the stars

NASA selects Arizona State University research group to explore life's detectability on chemically diverse exoplanets


ASU Gammage receives grant to study audience growth

ASU Gammage has been selected to take part in research aimed at discovering ways to engage new audiences for contemporary arts performances, such as modern dance, immersive theater and spoken word.


Research on victimization earns student distinguished graduate award

Jillian Turanovic, a doctoral student in ASU's School of Criminology and Criminal Justice, has received a Distinguished Graduate Student Achievement Award for her research on victimization.


What makes content go viral? ASU computer scientist investigates

ASU computer scientist Paulo Shakarian wants to learn why some information goes "viral" on social media – and why some does not.


Historical needlework research leads to Fulbright award for ASU professor

Arizona State University professor Maureen Daly Goggin has been awarded a 2015-2016 Fulbright U.S. Scholar grant for teaching and research on historical needlework practices in Austria and the Czech Republic.


Creating a safer infrastructure system

A National Science Foundation CAREER Award will support ASU engineer Pingbo Tang's effort to improve the maintenance, safety and resilience of civil infrastructure.

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