August 28, 2015

Grants / Awards


ASU chosen to lead lunar CubeSat mission

An ASU-built CubeSat will be used to produce a map of the water resources on the moon for future space exploration. The tiny satellite is a big achievement for the university since it is the first ASU-led interplanetary mission.


NSF award will expand scope, impact of ASU water research

In the grips of long-term drought, cities that rely on Colorado River water face unprecedented challenges. A new National Science Foundation award will allow decision makers of those cities to take advantage of ASU's Decision Center for a Desert City.


Real-world focus garners honor for ASU nursing partnership with Mayo

The ASU College of Nursing and Health Innovation and the Mayo Clinic have won a national award for their collaborative efforts to produce nurses who can hit the ground running.


ASU Regents' Professor Castillo-Chavez has 2 big reasons to celebrate

ASU mathematician Carlos Castillo-Chavez has earned the SIAM prize, one of math's highest honors, and been invited to lecture at the Mathematical Association of America.


ASU professor receives lifetime career award for contributions to evolutionary medicine

Randolph Nesse, founding director of ASU's Center for Evolution and Medicine, has been honored for his lifelong contributions to research in the field of evolutionary medicine.


Research on human movement could lead to development of 'assistive homes'

Imagine living in a house that knows you and can anticipate your activities when you're home. This is just one example of a long-term application that could result from a National Science Foundation grant awarded to ASU assistant professor Pavan Turaga.


ASU engineer recognized for work on construction project planning

ASU assistant professor Mounir El Asmar has been recognized by the American Society of Civil Engineers for his outstanding contributions to construction management and construction engineering.


Science foundation supports ASU community members' promising research

Science Foundation Arizona is giving support to three ASU engineers pursuing technology advances with the potential to boost diverse industries; and a pair of academics diving deeper into their studies.


ASU faculty member recognized for work in music education

For her work publishing in leading research journals, presenting research at professional meetings, mentoring students and participating in the strings community, Marg Schmidt has received two prestigious awards this year.


Outstanding student, professor earn top math awards

Arizona State University student Jakob Hansen and ASU professor Horst Thieme have received Charles Wexler awards for their excellence in mathematics.

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