June 02, 2015



Sustainability | News coverage:  ASU ecologist on vanishing rivers, vanishing species

Ecologist and water resources specialist John Sabo comments on new research that looks at drought, drying rivers and animal extinction in the face of climate change.


Secretary of Agriculture delivers talk on 'homegrown energy' and the need for innovation

Developing a deeper understanding of agriculture's role in the future of energy, innovation and economic growth will be key to addressing global sustainability, said U.S. Secretary of Agriculture Tom Vilsack.


ASU sustainability scientists study climate change impacts, disease with NSF support

Four members of the Sustainability Scientists and Scholars program have received substantial awards from the National Science Foundation.


Writing the story of a sustainable future

At ASU, students, researchers and well-known science fiction authors are working together to create inspiring narratives that will spark progress toward a better, more sustainable future.


ASU students join Hong Kong counterparts to analyze urban sustainability

ASU School of Sustainability students traveled abroad with the Global Sustainability Studies Program this summer to find solutions to urban sustainability challenges.


Corporate sustainability expert joins ASU

Corporate sustainability expert Sheila Bonini has been appointed CEO of The Sustainability Consortium, a unit of ASU's Julie Ann Wrigley Global Institute of Sustainability.


ASU continues to shape Arizona's energy future

ASU's Gary Dirks has been named a member of the Governor's State Energy Advisory Board.


Room to grow: agriculture in urban spaces

How do we feed our cities in a sustainable way? ASU researchers find creative ways to eke out edibles in an urban environment.


Curbing urban sprawl to make cities more sustainable

Phoenix is dominated by its suburban sprawl, but this model is unsustainable over the long term. ASU researchers have found that sprawl retrofitting can be a solution.


New ASU course looks at creating smart, sustainable cities

School of Sustainability class asks, “How can we accelerate the adoption and deployment of smart technologies to make our cities more sustainable?”

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