October 13, 2015



New energy innovation report highlights central role of emerging economies

Most innovation in clean energy technologies will take place in rapidly industrializing countries, and government should improve international collaboration to support these efforts, says a group of prominent energy scholars convened by Arizona State University.


Sustainability | Law | News coverage:  ASU sustainability scientist provides insight into climate conference

In a recent Climate Central article, senior sustainability scholar Daniel Bodansky of Arizona State University provides insight into a major international climate change conference, now under way in Lima, Peru.


Sustainability festival features series of events for whole community

Themed "(re)imagine your world," the Sustainability Solutions Festival is convening a series of events, Feb. 16-21, that are targeted at a wide variety of audiences – from families and the ASU community to film buffs and leaders of industry.


Blending innovation, cultural riches to develop a new university

Ideas and methods of designing universities implemented at Arizona State University were prominently featured at a symposium held at the Technical University of Ambato, Ecuador.


ASU seminar explores sustainability through international collaboration

Illustrating that physical location can be a beneficial – rather than inconvenient – aspect of international collaboration, ASU’s School of Sustainability reintroduces its distributed seminar this spring.


Transit-oriented development helps cities ease off the gas

The way we design and build our cities can help drive people's transportation choices. ASU researchers are helping local cities promote sustainable transit.


Childhood dream takes ASU grad to London for work in neurology

For one recent first-generation graduate, access to a college education, inspiring faculty and the opportunity to conduct real-world research are empowering her drive to become a neurologist.


Renewable energy law expert appointed director at ASU

Troy Rule has been appointed the faculty director of ASU's Program on Law and Sustainability, in the Sandra Day O’Connor College of Law.


ASU, Nigerian center partner to turn waste into a resource

The first international Resource Innovation and Solutions Network hub will research and implement waste efficiency in the second-fastest growing city in Africa, Lagos.


ASU students use radical solutions to advise local wildlife nonprofit

Sustainability, architecture and design students create and present water-saving building techniques for Liberty Wildlife Foundation's new facility.

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