April 20, 2014



Hungry? 5 local food spots good for your wallet and the planet

Great prices and good sustainability practices can be found at these five local eateries, says ASU staffer Natalie Muilenberg.


ASU students to cover global sustainability issues in Calif.

ASU students will report on important global sustainability issues for an innovative media outlet in California.


Sustainability | News coverage:  ASU sustainability advisers suggest business leaders focus on 'can do'

In a changing environment, how do corporations integrate sustainability and turn a "can't do" into a "can do"?


ASU, National Academies turn up the volume on science policy discussion

ASU and the National Academies are set to co-produce and co-publish the quarterly magazine Issues in Science and Technology with the goal of bringing more focus to the important issues of science policy.


ASU launches Walton sustainability scholarship program

To encourage and reward candidates for the Executive Master's for Sustainability Leadership program, the ASU Global Institute of Sustainability will offer scholarships of up to $15,000 per student.


Students choose to make a difference at ASU's School of Sustainability

For the newest crop of ASU School of Sustainability students, “sustainability” means changing the world for the better.


Sustainability | Public service | News coverage:  Professor weighs in on future of Glen Canyon Dam, water sustainability issues

Activists are still hoping to see the dam demolished and the lake drained, but water managers and others say it’s not going to happen.


NSF, ASU inspiring kids to 'change the world'

ASU's Decision Center for a Desert City taught water conservation and explored STEM career paths with young students and parents at an NSF fair.


Boone appointed dean of School of Sustainability

ASU professor Christopher Boone has been named dean of the School of Sustainability.


Sustainable wisdom: 'If it makes sense, it often makes dollars'

Sustainability senior Kevin Keleher co-founded GreenLight Solutions, a student sustainability consulting service that enables ASU students to gain experience applying their knowledge and enables organizations to begin embracing sustainability.

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