August 04, 2015

Earth / Space


Tau Ceti: The next Earth? Probably not

The list of potential life-supporting planets just got a little shorter.


ASU team searching for signs of life in the stars

NASA selects Arizona State University research group to explore life's detectability on chemically diverse exoplanets


Hubble's greatest hits at next ASU Earth and Space Open House

World-famous "Pillars of Creation" image will be the centerpiece of a 25th birthday party for the Hubble Space Telescope, April 24.


Large Mars crater named for late ASU professor Ronald Greeley

Nearly 300 miles wide, Greeley Crater on Mars has been named in honor of a pioneering planetary science researcher at Arizona State University.


ASU team unlocks clues in unidentified human remains

ASU researchers venture to "Body Farm" to solve cases of unidentified bodies using isotopic analysis for insight into the diet and birthplace of the deceased.


ASU-developed app gives museum visitors an astronaut in the palm of their hand

Two Arizona museums have partnered with ASU to offer visitors a mobile app to complement their exhibits. Dr. Universe encourages visitors to ask questions and the astronaut responds back from its database.


Earth / Space | Science | Humanities | News coverage:  'What to do when an astronaut dies in space' focus of ethical analysis by ASU student

Questions like whether a body left in space can be used as compost, and whether it’s legal to let a corpse drift into the great beyond are posed by Daniel Oberhaus, an English and philosophy senior at Arizona State University in an article for Slate.


Giant balloon carrying ASU cameras invades Earth's stratosphere

A team of 12 ASU students launched a giant research balloon to collect panoramic video and thermal imaging data.


First ASU-built space instrument ready for final lab tests

The first space instrument to be built at Arizona State University has just received the electronics it will use in flight. This starts the final laboratory tests leading to its launch next year on a NASA rocket.


Search for alien life focus of Earth and Space Open House

The public is invited to come learn about the huge diversity of life as we know it, life as we think it might be and how we're trying to discover it on other worlds, at the next Earth and Space Open House, March 27 on ASU's Tempe campus.

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