April 16, 2014

Earth / Space


Fungal pathogen shows profound effects from spaceflight

At Arizona State University's Biodesign Institute, Cheryl Nickerson and her team have been investigating the intriguing effects of spaceflight on microbial pathogens.


Fourth PhD in family wears grandfather's doctoral regalia

Lillian Ostrach will follow a unique family tradition when she graduates with her doctoral degree in geological sciences.


Grad fuses design skills with solutions for future space travelers

A combination of design research with technical and creative skills for space-related development points to an interesting future for graduate Joshua Gigantino.


Origins Project thinks big in event on our existence: Are there other universes?

The Origins Project at ASU is kicking off a celebration of five years of its existence with a top-level discussion of our existence.


Earth / Space | Environment | News coverage:  ASU climate expert refutes reports of new coldest temperature record

News reports that a new temperature breaks the coldest record are inncorrect, says ASU President's Professor Randy Cerveny.


Curiosity rover offers clues to puzzle of Mars habitability

Six papers in this week’s edition of the journal Science describe the main results from Curiosity’s campaign at Yellowknife Bay. Each of the papers was produced by a large team, including authors from ASU.


Timmes elected Fellow of the American Physical Society

ASU professor Frank Timmes joins an elite group of physicists, having been elected this fall as a Fellow of the American Physical Society.


'Water Planet' class is a thirst-quencher

An ASU geology class is answering questions about water and dives more deeply into how climate change could affect the world’s already strained water supply.


Student's freshwater study garners AAAS top award

Doctoral student Thomas Volo was awarded an all-expenses-paid trip to Chicago to present his research in hydrology at the national American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS) meeting in 2014.


Earth / Space | News coverage:  Will comet's dance with sun be a spectacle or a dud?

As we are sitting down to enjoy our turkey dinner on Thursday, comet ISON will be sling-shotting around the sun.

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