April 20, 2014

Earth / Space


ASU scientists explore creative side in Mars-themed play

A unique collaboration between San Diego-based theater company Circle Circle dot dot, Arizona State University’s School of Film, Dance and Theatre and esteemed Mars scientists explores the intersection of commercial space travel and scientific inquiry.


ASU students receive prestigious 'Faculty for the Future' fellowship

Ruirui Han of China and Gayatri Marliyani of Indonesia, both School of Earth and Space Exploration students pursuing doctorates, were awarded renewals of their prestigious "Faculty for the Future" fellowships.


Meteorites: Magnetic messengers from space

The study of meteorites helps us piece together the puzzle of what lies beyond our planet.


Gusev Crater once held a lake after all, says ASU Mars scientist

Evidence for an ancient "Lake Gusev" on Mars has come and gone several times. The lake is looking pretty good today, thanks to new research from ASU.


Rethinking space science, exploration to help solve global problems

Astronauts, scientists, commercial spaceflight entrepreneurs and university researchers brainstorm ways for academia and business to boost shared goals for the future of space.


Panel to discuss forging university-business ties to promote future of space

Academics and entrepreneurs join hands across space as they seek new and collaborative solutions for promoting space science and exploration in the decades ahead.


ASU researchers develop new model of Earth's dynamic interior

Seeking to better understand the composition of the lowermost part of Earth's mantle, a team of ASU researchers has developed new simulations that depict the dynamics of deep Earth.


ASU camera creates stunning mosaic of moon's polar region

A mosaic of the moon's northern polar region is one of the latest stunning mosaics from the Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter Camera team.


Learn about EarthScope at ASU Earth & Space Open House

The theme for ASU's Earth & Space Open House on March 28 is EarthScope: An Earth Science Program, and it will feature a public lecture by School of Earth and Space Exploration professor Ramon Arrowsmith.


New 3-D astronomy shows light up the dark

Explore planets in and beyond our solar system, fly around galaxies in the local universe and experience the scale of all time and all space from the comfort of your seat – in ASU’s Marston Exploration Theater.

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