April 01, 2015

Earth / Space


Search for alien life focus of Earth and Space Open House

The public is invited to come learn about the huge diversity of life as we know it, life as we think it might be and how we're trying to discover it on other worlds, at the next Earth and Space Open House, March 27 on ASU's Tempe campus.


Out of this world: ASU student turns love of art, space into career

Sean Amidan, a senior earth and space exploration major, is the lead visualization specialist at the Space and Terrestrial Robotic Exploration Laboratory at Arizona State University.


LROC images reveal intricate details of lunar impacts

A series of Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter Camera images have revealed a new crater and more than 200 related surficial changes up to 30 kilometers distant.


ASU Origins Project awards first Postdoctoral Prize Lectureship to astrophysicist

The Origins Project at Arizona State University awarded its first Postdoctoral Prize Lectureship to Adrian Liu of the University of California, Berkeley.


Pitching competition encourages ASU science students to think like entrepreneurs

The Great SESE Pitching Competition is one of a growing number of efforts across Arizona State University to encourage entrepreneurial thinking in graduate and undergraduate students.


ASU astrophysicist honored with Simons Fellowship

With his Simons Fellowship, ASU professor Frank Timmes will conduct forefront research on stars using advanced computing instruments and tools.


ASU THEMIS camera helps NASA pick site for next Mars lander

Infrared and visual images of the Martian surface taken by Arizona State University's THEMIS camera are mapping dust and rocks at the landing site for NASA's upcoming InSight mission to Mars.


ASU students assist in launching nanosatellite into space

NASA has selected 14 small satellites from 12 states to fly as auxiliary payloads aboard rockets planned to launch in 2016, 2017 and 2018. Arizona State University was one of the institutions selected for sponsoring a satellite.


Open house to explore 'Making Planets in a Small Satellite'

Hear how ASU's Asteroid Origins Satellite — the size of a loaf of bread — can tell scientists how planets form, at the next Earth and Space Open House.


ASU research on Apollo samples refines lunar impact history

A team led by Arizona State University researchers has refined the timeline of meteorite impacts on the moon through a pioneering application of laser microprobe technology.

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