May 22, 2015

Earth / Space


ASU expertise results in faster, portable microbial analysis in the field

In a masterful merger of engineering, physics and biology, ASU researchers have developed a briefcase-size device that can continuously detect trace bacterial levels in the ocean, quantify microbes in the soil, detect pathogens in our food and more.


NewSpace Initiative connects ASU with space industry

The next big thing in space research is small. Small, agile companies and small, inexpensive devices are changing how we explore the universe. Arizona State University researchers are working with both.


ASU difference maker pioneers innovative teaching, research techniques

Professor Ariel Anbar's pioneering research – especially about the chemical evolution of the environment – and innovative efforts in online education have garnered him the 2015 CLAS Difference Maker award.


ASU Fulbright winner to study Mars meteorite at premier India institute

Fulbright recipient and School of Earth and Space Exploration professor Meenakshi Wadhwa will work at India's premier research institute for the space sciences, studying a unique meteorite to better understand the history of water on Mars.


Earth / Space | News coverage:  Is there life on Saturn's moon Enceladus?

ASU researchers are hoping to work with NASA to find out if Saturn's tiny moon Europa supports life.


ASU students channel MacGyver to solve science, engineering problems

ASU students asked themselves, "What would MacGyver do?" during a new seminar course taught by the Jet Propulsion Laboratory's Andy Klesh.


Student finds path with research opportunities, ASU GeoClub

ASU senior Katherine Sheppard is studying lava flows from Lassen volcanoes, which are volcanoes in northern California, to understand how they form in the Earth's mantel.


Tau Ceti: The next Earth? Probably not

The list of potential life-supporting planets just got a little shorter.


ASU team searching for signs of life in the stars

NASA selects Arizona State University research group to explore life's detectability on chemically diverse exoplanets


Hubble's greatest hits at next ASU Earth and Space Open House

World-famous "Pillars of Creation" image will be the centerpiece of a 25th birthday party for the Hubble Space Telescope, April 24.

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