October 10, 2015

Earth / Space


Sci-fi anthology explores futures shaped by journeys through time and space

“Journeys through Time and Space,” a new anthology of creative, thought-provoking visions of the future has been published by Arizona State University’s Center for Science and the Imagination, Intel’s Tomorrow Project and the Society for Science & the Public.


Don't space out: ASU business professor helps astronauts stay on task

Task shifting – even pulling yourself away from the computer screen to answer a question – can impact productivity. For astronauts, it can increase risks. That's why NASA has commissioned ASU to study it.


ASU Mars images star in 'The Martian'

Images of Mars taken by a visual and infrared camera designed at Arizona State University — the Thermal Emission Imaging System — take a star turn in the new hit movie "The Martian."


'Astrobiology superstar' to make case for human travel to Mars

Chris McKay, who will be speaking at ASU on Nov. 2, will discuss populating Mars and other issues as part of the Shoemaker Memorial Lecture.


ASU space students give 'The Martian' a thumbs-up — mostly

The space survival epic “The Martian” hit theaters Friday to rave reviews from critics – and even some scientists. But while a couple of ASU students studying space liked the film, they pointed out that not all of was scientifically accurate.


NASA selects ASU as finalist for next Discovery mission

Will 13 be ASU's lucky number? The competition now underway will end with the selection of the 13th Discovery mission.


ASU selected as NASA science education partner for STEM projects

Arizona State University is one of the 27 organizations from across the United States selected by NASA to more effectively engage learners of all ages on NASA science education programs and activities.


Exhibit takes whimsical road trip down 'Fossil Freeway'

A new exhibit at the Arizona State University Natural History Collection combines a whimsical art exhibit with the gems of the fossil collection to offer an opportunity to learn about evolution, extinction, geology and paleontology.


ASU instruments help scientists probe ancient Mars atmosphere

Mars apparently lost much of its atmosphere early in life, according to research using data from Arizona State University instruments.


The lake and the Sherpa: A story of geology, danger and why people live with it

What do you do when the environment poses a danger to its residents — but they don't want to leave because of ties to the land? That's a question that a team including an ASU anthropologist will attempt to answer at a glacier-fed lake in the Himalaya region.

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