April 20, 2015

Social Science


Innocents abroad: ASU fieldwork with family

An ASU student shares stories about growing up with a researcher parent, and discusses the challenges and rewards of bringing families into the field.


How parents of anxious children can avoid 'protection trap'

Parents naturally comfort their children when they are scared, but new research shows that some reactions may actually reinforce their children’s feelings of anxiety.


New research shows seals, sea lions likely spread tuberculosis to humans

New research shows that tuberculosis likely spread from humans in Africa to seals and sea lions that brought the disease to South America and transmitted it to Native people there before Europeans landed on the continent.


Study examines wage disparity among obese workers in China

New research that analyzes economic disparity among obese Chinese adults shows that there is no wage disparity for obese women in China, but there is pay inequality among obese men.


Research | News coverage | Social Science:  ASU epidemiologist addresses spread of Ebola

West Africa is being ravaged by the largest ever outbreak of Ebola, a disease with a death rate of up to 90 percent. Arizona State University epidemiologist Gerardo Chowell-Puente offers his take on the situation.


ASU alum uses global health degree to serve Arizona's kids

Keeping kids healthy is Jason Gillette's business. As the director of School Health for the Arizona Department of Education, the Arizona State University alumnus is dedicated to creating and improving healthy school environments.


Health Solutions | News coverage | Social Science | Healthy Living:  ASU endocrinologist addresses modern threat of 'sitting disease'

Recent research suggests that excess sitting can be linked to 34 chronic diseases and conditions.


Research | News coverage | Social Science:  Peer influence more likely to encourage smoking, say sociologists

The influence of friends seems stronger in prompting adolescents to start smoking than in urging them to quit.


A look at the complex relationship between humans, nature

As humans impact the environment, the environment impacts us, in turn. ASU researcher Michael Barton studies this complex relationship.


News coverage | Social Science:  Opportunity, risk await newly contacted tribe says ASU anthropologist

Late last month, an isolated Amazon tribe finally made contact with a team of Brazilian scientists after being sighted by area villagers for weeks.

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