September 02, 2015

Social Science


Aggression in male chimpanzees leads to mating success

A new study published this week provides strong evidence that male chimpanzee aggression toward females is indeed adaptive.


$1.24M grant to help child sex trafficking victims

Arizona State University researchers have received funding that will allow them to more thoroughly examine the magnitude of children who are exploited through sex trafficking.


News coverage | Social Science:  ASU professor emphasizes the humanity in archaeology

As the founder of the Archaeology of the Human Experience, Arizona State University professor Michelle Hegmon is working to bring out the human element in a discipline that often neglects the personal in favor of the big picture.


ASU archaeologist recognized for authentic writing on Hohokam practices

Arizona State University archaeologist Glen Rice has won the 2014 Don D. and Catherine S. Fowler Prize for his forthcoming book, "Sending the Spirits Home: The Archaeology of Hohokam Mortuary Practices."


News coverage | Social Science:  New artifacts give clues about life, death in ancient city

A recent excavation led by Sergio Gomez of Mexico's National Institute of Anthropology and History revealed numerous artifacts and three new chambers at the ancient site of Teotihuacan.


Global health student plans career of service in native Zimbabwe

A MasterCard Foundation Scholar at Arizona State University, one of Charity Bhebhe's ultimate goals is to open and oversee more modern and effective health clinics in her hometown of Plumtree, Zimbabwe.


Citizenship in India not gender-neutral, ASU professor asserts

ASU's Natasha Behl uses the term "exclusionary inclusion" to describe the situation for women in the world's largest democracy.


New ASU degree to expand knowledge of American culture

The School of Historical, Philosophical and Religious Studies announces the start of a new master's degree program in American Studies beginning in fall 2015.


ASU faculty, staff encouraged to apply for 2015 President's Awards

University teams working on projects that advance ASU’s goals and aspirations to create dramatic, positive change should submit their projects to be considered for one of the 2015 President’s Awards.


Many women in poverty blame motherhood, bad relationships

ASU professor Kristin Mickelson conducted research shedding light on women's perceptions of their reasons for struggling to make ends meet.

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