October 13, 2015

Social Science


News coverage | Social Science:  ASU archaeologist promotes Arizona's petroglyph treasure trove

Arizona State University archaeologist Arleyn Simon recently gave KJZZ's Nadine Arroyo Rodriguez a tour of the rock art at South Mountain and discussed the state's wealth of petroglyphs, which are often right under hikers' noses.


ASU undergrad recognized for research on infectious diseases

Charis Royal may be an undergraduate, but she is already conducting research that could lead to improvements in disease detection and emergency response to pandemics.


War stories told through social media documented in new book

ASU assistant professor Manuel Avilés-Santiago has documented the stories, images and songs of Puerto Rican soldiers by following their narratives on social media.


ASU Sanford School a national leader in social sciences

Arizona State University's Sanford School of Social and Family Dynamics is ranked No. 1 for adolescence/emerging adulthood programs, No. 2 in child development programs and No. 3 overall.


ASU technology weaves electronics, indigenous culture

The misconception that technology includes anything with a microchip is prevalent today, but technology goes beyond just mere circuits and wires in ASU's E2 Textiles Project.


Alumni | News coverage | Social Science:  Pueblo Grande ceramics exhibit based on ASU alum's dissertation

A new exhibit at Pueblo Grande Museum highlights Hohokam pottery and recent findings regarding its production and distribution.


ASU undergrad 'taps' into anthropology

Arizona State University undergraduate student Maximilian Bourque is channeling his passion for dance, culture and athletics into a program that blends anthropology and sports marketing.


News coverage | Social Science:  ASU professor cited for paradigm-altering work

ASU professor Robert Boyd's book "Culture and the Evolutionary Process" was recently highlighted in The Chronicle of Higher Education as a book that profoundly changed people's way of thinking about the world.


Science book series expands with new editions on natural disasters, energy

ASU's Consortium for Science, Policy & Outcomes has released two new books in its successful Rightful Place of Science book series: "Disasters & Climate Change" and "Government & Energy Innovation."


Study abroad students launch fundraiser for Fijian host community

Before departing Fiji last summer, the latest group of ASU study abroad participants decided they wanted to leave their hosts with more than their gratitude.

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