October 10, 2015

Social Science


ASU's Department of Psychology helps close autism-treatment gap

The new master's program in applied behavior analysis from ASU's Department of Psychology fills a need in Arizona for practitioners who can provide this specialized treatment that helps children with autism, as well as an array of other areas.


Peacebuilder spends summers in war-torn areas

For most people, the thought of spending your summers in war-torn areas of conflict isn't too appealing. But for ASU professor Yasmin Saikia, it's more than an attraction, it's her job.


Improved hurricane models could save lives, money

With all of the ways that information is circulated, getting hurricane warnings to the right people at the right time can be a logistical nightmare. ASU researchers are using a complex adaptive systems approach aimed at preparing the nation for natural disasters.


Recently launched ASU Center for Political Thought and Leadership gains momentum

ASU's Center for Political Thought and Leadership center will further civic education and the principles of political liberty and economic well-being. It was recently bolstered with a $1 million dollar commitment from Dan and Carleen Brophy.


Former senator helps students get an 'Early Start' at ASU

The Early Start program helps incoming freshmen learn strategies for succeeding in college by connecting them with mentors, resources and classmates. Former Sen. Jon Kyl recently met with an Early Start group from the School of Politics and Global Studies.


News coverage | Social Science:  President Obama meets 'Lucy'

A rare display of the original fossil skeleton of the human ancestor "Lucy" was presented for President Obama's visit to Ethiopia.


ASU archaeologist uses new methods to explore how humans became farmers

The recent work of Arizona State University archaeology postdoc Isaac Ullah sheds new light on the human shift from hunting and gathering to farming.


News coverage | Social Science:  ASU professor says city planning is key to combating urban heat

In the opening weeks of this summer thousands of people across the globe succumbed to heat-related deaths, and more loss is imminent.


Want to help stop violence? Don't 'like' it online

Tom Dishion, an ASU psychology professor, said that although the cultural discussion sometimes frames news reports of violence as a social "contagion," a more penetrating effect comes from receiving peer approval for sharing negative or violent material.


Researchers find mass killings, school shootings are contagious

An ASU team examined databases on past high-profile mass killings and school shootings in the U.S. and fit a contagion model to the data to determine if these tragedies inspired similar events in the near future.

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