September 03, 2015

Social Science


ASU earns Minerva grant to study terrorists' social-media recruiting power

The team will study information cascades – trends marked by people ignoring their own knowledge in favor of suggestions from others' actions – as they relate to terrorist networks' social-media posts, including the power of images online.


How we were raised, not physical environment, explains human behavior

Scientists have long debated why people in different parts of the world eat different foods, follow different social norms and believe in different origin stories. Two ASU researchers find that social learning, not environment, is behind the variations.


News coverage | Social Science:  ASU professor on the history of safety in oil pipelines

Arizona State University assistant professor Christopher Jones has written a piece for Zócalo Public Square in which he looks at the history of oil pipelines in the United States.


Researchers link Ebola news coverage to public panic on social media

Using Twitter and Google search trend data in the wake of the very limited U.S. Ebola outbreak of October 2014, a team of researchers have found that news media is extraordinarily effective in creating public panic.


Wentz appointed ASU dean of social sciences

Elizabeth Wentz, professor of Geographic Information Science technologies and director of the School of Geographical Sciences and Urban Planning, has been appointed dean of social sciences in the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences at Arizona State University.


ASU professors' passion for history wins them prestigious fellowships in Berlin

History professor Monica Green and art history professor Corine Schleif share the honor of being the first two Berlin Prize Fellows chosen from Arizona State University.


News coverage | Social Science:  Controlled contact key to protecting isolated tribes

Many of us know that disaster befell Native Americans after their initial contact with Europeans. But it might surprise some to know that it is still occurring with indigenous societies around the globe.


ASU student's online program helps children of divorce cope

Children of divorce can now enroll in an online program created by an Arizona State University alumnus to help them with their emotions during their parents’ breakup.


Regents' Professor delves into plight of Afghan women in new book

In her new book, "Contested Terrain: Reflections with Afghan Women Leaders," Arizona State University Regents' Professor Sally Kitch seeks to shed light on the role Western intervention has played in the fate of Afghan women.


Experts discuss need for cross-border collaborations in higher education, research

University presidents, faculty, international leaders and experts convened at ASU to discuss the role that higher education and research institutions play in advancing quality of life, sustainability and economic development in the Arizona-Sonora region.

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