April 16, 2014

Life Science


Pulitzer Prize-winning author unlocks social world of nature's most complex societies

2013 Regents' Professor Bert Hölldobler is lauded for his pioneering life science discoveries – unlocking the social world of nature's most complex societies: the ants.


Environment | News coverage | Life Science:  America burning: the Yarnell Hill fire tragedy and the nation's wildfire crisis

ASU professor Steve Pyne is featured in a documentary by The Weather Channel, as it investigates the larger problem of U.S. wildfires.


ASU School of Life Sciences, Phoenix Zoo team up for conservation research

ASU and the Phoenix Zoo are launching a new program to strengthen animal conservation efforts by collaborating on new research, as well as improve conservation communications and outreach to the public.


Want to save the whales? Put a price on them says ASU professor

Life sciences professor Leah Gerber proposes a conservation market for “whale shares” to better manage whaling and protect whale populations.


Sustainability | News coverage | Life Science:  The dirty but necessary way to feed 9 billion people

ASU's James Elser and Bruce Rittmann propose a radical three-part solution to the challenge of dwindling supplies of phosphorus, a key ingredient in fertilizer.


ASU research answers 200-year-old question of sex determination in bees

It's taken nearly 200 years, but scientists in Arizona and Europe have teased out how the molecular switch for sex gradually and adaptively evolved in the honeybee.


Sustainability | News coverage | Life Science:  ASU researchers address unique solution to major agricultural problem

In a recent Slate article, ASU professors Jim Elser and Bruce Rittman presented two vastly different scenarios of the future.


ASU researchers report major advance in human proteins

An ASU research team reports it has been successful in imaging key proteins at room temperature with the use of an X-ray free-electron laser.


ASU among elite groups of universities in patenting

Arizona State University ranks 4th in the world among universities without medical schools.


Origins Project thinks big in event on our existence: Are there other universes?

The Origins Project at ASU is kicking off a celebration of five years of its existence with a top-level discussion of our existence.

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