July 03, 2015

Life Science


Research opportunities shaped student's award-winning career at ASU

After four years of winning research and academic awards, senior Ryan Muller is graduating with his dream in sight: pursuing synthetic biology as a graduate student.


Blind STEM student helps others learn in 3-D

When Ashleigh Gonzales decided to study molecular bioscience and biotechnology, a highly visual major, some wondered if the blind woman had bitten off more than she could chew. Graduating with a master's degree, she has proved her doubters wrong.


Graduate program coordinator wins outstanding staff award

The Arizona State University Graduate and Professional Student Association has awarded Wendi Simonson, a School of Life Sciences graduate program coordinator, with the Annette Jecker Outstanding Staff award.


Making sense of smell: Will bio-inspired robots sniff out bombs, drugs and disease?

A behavioral neuroscientist from ASU is part of a global group working on research that could set the stage for the creation of bio-inspired robots that could "smell" as effectively as we do.


11 buzzworthy bee facts your provost wants you to know

A highly cited entomologist, ASU Provost Robert E. Page Jr. is a bee expert and has some fun facts to share about these complex creatures.


Research | News coverage | Life Science:  'Survival of the fittest' may take a back seat to wealth, power

The Washington Post has reported on a study, led by ASU researchers, where geneticists have discovered a "bottleneck," or decrease in genetic diversity in the male lineage about 4,000 to 8,000 years ago.


News coverage | Life Science:  ASU researcher calls for citizen participation in discussions on the future of human genetic engineering

In an article appearing in The Guardian, ASU School of Life Sciences assistant professor Benjamin Hurlbut and two colleagues are calling for additional actions pertaining to the possible implementation of genetic engineering.


Life sciences professor receives outstanding mentor award

The ASU Faculty Women's Association presented School of Life Sciences professor Jon Harrison with its Outstanding Faculty Mentorship award to recognize his outstanding support and guidance of students – particularly women and underrepresented groups.


Explore the outdoors with ASU scientists

Enjoy beautiful morning nature walks and get an up-close experience with Arizona's diverse flora and fauna from our wildlife and life sciences experts on April 18 during ASU Explores Outdoors.


Urban ecologists at ASU seek to understand human-nature dynamic

Ecologists don't just work in the wilderness. Urban ecologists at ASU's CAP LTER are helping us to understand how humans and nature interact in the city, and to maximize the benefits we get from our environment.

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