March 05, 2015

Life Science


Learning from extinction: new insights on controlling cancer

ASU researcher Carlo Maley brings a paleontological view of species extinction to bear on the challenges involved in driving populations of cancer cells to annihilation.


ASU team finishes strong in student rangeland competitions

A team of seven applied biological sciences majors at Arizona State University excelled in multiple events at the 2015 student competitions held as part of the Society for Range Management annual meeting in Sacramento, California.


Research | News coverage | Life Science:  Arthropod 'family tree' gets bigger through evolution studies

While insects and crustaceans have long been considered by scientists to be separate branches of the arthropod "family tree," ASU School of Life Sciences researcher and professor Jon Harrison reports that new findings show they actually belong together.


Neuroscience symposium creates collaboration opportunities

Last week Arizona State University's neuroscience community came together for a research symposium, giving more than 100 scientists an opportunity to share their knowledge with each other.


Visiting author links bees, environment and human communication

Mark Winston, a nationally renowned scientist, educator and author of “Bee Time: Lessons from the Hive,” comes to Arizona State University Jan. 28-29 with two special events for the public.


ASU-Mayo seed grant addresses irritable bowel syndrome

ASU and Mayo Clinic researchers are joining forces for a groundbreaking study focusing on a disorder that affects roughly one in six Americans.


Research | News coverage | Life Science:  ASU research reveals why 'pika' extermination in China is a bad idea

For more than 50 years, authorities in China have tried to eliminate a mouse-like creature called the "pika" due to a belief that the animal damages grasslands.


Creating a treatment for cocaine addiction

Unlike other drug addictions, there are no pharmacological treatments for cocaine dependence. According to Arizona State University School of Life Sciences professor Janet Neisewander, it's because cocaine addiction is tricky.


Environment | News coverage | Life Science:  ASU professor speaks on mitigating urban greenhouse gas emissions

Arizona State University associate professor Kevin Gurney presented information on how cities can help mitigate urban greenhouse gas emissions at the United Nations Climate Conference in the Peruvian capital of Lima.


ASU students raise AIDS awareness through art

The ASU Chapter of HEAL International hosted "Paint for Peace" Dec. 1. The event is designed to engage students, raise awareness and reduce stigma surrounding HIV/AIDS.

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