March 06, 2015

Bioscience / Biotech


New research paves the way for nano-movies of biomolecules

A new study proves that high-speed X-ray lasers can capture the fast dynamics of biomolecules in ultra slow-motion, revealing subtle processes with unprecedented clarity.


ASU wellness technologies project to be featured at global health summit

Arizona State University's Project HoneyBee will be featured at the main stage of the world's largest mobile health event, the mHealth Summit.


Blending innovation, cultural riches to develop a new university

Ideas and methods of designing universities implemented at Arizona State University were prominently featured at a symposium held at the Technical University of Ambato, Ecuador.


Fast, low-cost DNA sequencing technology one step closer to reality

A team of scientists from Arizona State University and IBM have developed a prototype DNA reader that could make whole genome profiling an everyday practice in medicine.


The transatlantic flight of Project HoneyBee

Another transformative collaboration has emerged from the Transatlantic Higher Education Partnership between Arizona State University and Dublin City University.


Bioscience / Biotech | News coverage:  ASU's Halden addresses making chemistry green

In an op-ed published in the New York Times, ASU professor Rolf Halden addressed a critical societal issue affecting our soils, water and food – the active ingredients of antimicrobial products such as soaps and toothpaste.


Beyond human: exploring transhumanism

Since the earliest stone tools, people have relied on technology to enhance their abilities. But will we eventually integrate with our tech so completely that we cease to be human?


ASU-Mayo seed grants advance new research in cancer, obesity

Ten teams have been selected under the 2015 ASU Mayo Seed Grant Program to advance new research in health-focused areas.


Gates visit highlights ASU innovations

Leaders from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation visited Arizona State University Nov. 6 to learn about the university’s innovations in post-secondary and online education.


ASU engineer examines brain's inner workings

Combining expertise in neural engineering and bio-electricity, ASU engineer Rosalind Sadleir is trying to peer deeper into the fundamental processes of the brain.

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