August 28, 2015

Bioscience / Biotech


Study reveals novel technique for handling molecules

ASU researcher Ximin He and her colleagues have described a method capable of mimicking nature's ability to sort, capture, transport and release molecules.


ASU hosts inaugural meeting for evolutionary medicine experts

Arizona State University will host a premiere opportunity to engage and mingle with luminaries in the burgeoning field of evolutionary medicine as it hosts the inaugural International Society for Evolution, Medicine & Public Health Meeting, March 19-21.


ASU researchers search for telltale signs of ovarian cancer

Researchers at Arizona State University’s Biodesign Institute are working toward the development of biomarkers – blood-borne signals that can reveal the presence of diseases like cancer before a patient displays any outward symptoms.


Launch of ASU center prompts discussion of nature as source for sustainable ideas

Arizona State University's Biomimicry Center will facilitate research, education and practice initiatives that build on nature’s successes to meet sustainability challenges.


ASU student develops sensing technology for visually, hearing impaired

ASU graduate Shantanu Bala, who developed a new technology while at ASU, is helping people with visual and hearing disabilities know what they can't sense.


Phoenix patients, doctors invited to 'flip' the clinical experience

On Thursday, March 5, Flip the Clinic, with support from its Phoenix city partner - the Arizona State University Center for Sustainable Health's Project HoneyBee - will bring together patients, clinicians, health care administrators and innovators for a daylong workshop to “hack” health care, specifically the clinic experience.


New study brings medicine closer to non-addictive painkillers

In a first-of-its-kind study, ASU researcher Petra Fromme joins an international team using techniques of X-ray crystallography to develop powerful new analgesics, capable of blocking pain without generating tolerance or dependency.


ASU Biodesign Institute invites families to 'spring training' with science

Arizona's super stars of science will be on hand to introduce children and their families to the world of biology, physics, engineering, math and chemistry as Arizona State University's Biodesign Institute opens its doors Feb. 28.


New ASU center mimics nature to create cutting-edge technology

Biomimicry studies have been a part of ASU’s research portfolio for years. Now, Arizona State University is launching the Biomimicry Center at ASU to scale up research and related initiatives in this fast-growing global field.


Ebola: new study models a deadly epidemic

Researchers from Arizona State University are trying to better understand the epidemiology and control of Ebola in order to alleviate suffering and prevent future disease outbreaks from reaching the catastrophic proportions of the current crisis.

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