September 03, 2015

Public service


Can empathy lead to better decisions in water usage?

An interdisciplinary team at ASU is trying to use understanding and compassion to help people make better decisions on how to use and share water in the Southwest.


Public service students encouraged to find answers to community problems

"You are a part of the solution." That was the message from College of Public Service and Community Solutions dean Jonathan Koppell who welcomed new freshmen to the college at a ceremony held in the historic AE England building in downtown Phoenix.


ASU public service college sees double-digit student growth

The College of Public Service and Community Solutions welcomes more than 800 new students as the fall 2015 semester begins.


ASU Regents' Professor a major strategist in substance-abuse prevention

Flavio Marsiglia's work on diversity, substance use and youth development is regarded to be among the best and most influential in the field, and it's why he is one of four ASU faculty members recently named as a Regents' Professor for 2014-2015.


Criminology students get a 'Clue' on how to succeed

Freshmen entering ASU's School of Criminology and Criminal Justice in downtown Phoenix spent their first day playing a life-size version of the popular board game "Clue," helping them build relationships that will be key to their success.


Public service | News coverage:  ASU criminologists examine why some parolees fail after release from prison

ASU criminology and criminal justice professors Alyssa Chamberlain and Danielle Wallace wanted to find out how the release of large numbers of parolees in a concentrated area affected their chances of returning to prison.


Public service | News coverage:  ASU provides hope for an iconic downtown building and its residents

The Westward Ho and ASU's renovation of the former grand hotel's first-floor space is the subject of a story in the August 2015 issue of Phoenix Magazine.


Young African leaders complete civic leadership training at ASU

A group of 25 young community leaders from Africa spent six weeks in Arizona for intensive hands-on education and leadership training at ASU as part of the Mandela Washington Fellowship program, created by President Barack Obama in 2010.


ASU alum helps bridge community, government through technology

The greater Phoenix-metro area and its government will soon become a lot more technologically advanced, and Arizona State University alumnus Dominic Papa is helping to usher in this tech transformation.


New center for politics to engage students in civic leadership

Former congressman Ed Pastor has lent his name and leftover campaign money to form the Center for Politics and Public Service at Arizona State University.

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