July 29, 2015



New soil moisture sensor tracks drought conditions in Arizona, Mexico

Graduate student Adam Schreiner-McGraw has installed a new type of soil moisture sensor in four different ecosystems in the southwestern U.S. and northwest Mexico.


Sustainability | Science | Environment:  One simple change could help to protect newly-discovered species

When scientists are discovering and identifying previously-unknown species in the wild, should they always take a specimen back with them to the lab for further study? No, argues ASU's Ben Minteer, in a Future Tense article for Slate magazine.


Fieldwork in Tanzania brings insights on food security

ASU geography student John Connors is determined to examine the complexities of food security in an area of the world where a sufficient supply of food is far from universal – rural Tanzania.


ASU offers first-time course on American Indian community planning

A group of almost 50 students participated in an accelerated, interdisciplinary course called American Indian Community Planning, offered for the first time at ASU this spring.


2 ASU professors named presidents of national associations

Two ASU faculty members, Janet Franklin and Elizabeth Wentz, both professors in ASU's School of Geographical Sciences and Urban Planning, recently began terms as presidents of national professional associations.


Study links urbanization, future heat-related mortality

New Arizona State University research examines the heat-health aspects resulting from urbanization and the challenge of sustainable future growth in Maricopa County.


Excess heat from air conditioners causes higher nighttime temperatures

A team of researchers from Arizona State University has found that releasing excess heat from air conditioners running during the night resulted in higher outside temperatures, worsening the urban heat island effect and increasing cooling demands.


ASU professor receives Rockefeller Foundation writing fellowship

Together with her collaborator, Lucia Lo of York University in Canada, professor Wei Li has been awarded the Rockefeller Foundation's prestigious Bellagio Center writing residency fellowship.


New ASU degree trains for innovation in mapping technology

A new, cutting-edge geography degree will prepare ASU students for jobs in the growing and dynamic realm of mapping technology development.


2 ASU professors play key roles in climate assessment report

Two ASU faculty are authors on the Third National Climate Assessment report, which is the most comprehensive look to assess the science and effects of climate change in the United States.

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