August 03, 2015



Alumni Association welcomes new students with Sun Devil Send-Offs

The ASU Alumni Association will partner with Sun Devil alumni and families this summer to welcome incoming freshmen and transfer students at a series of Sun Devil Send-Offs.


Alumni | News coverage:  ASU honors grad follows tradition, makes family proud

Rudy Calderon fulfilled his father's dream. Encouraged by his dad, he became a straight-A student, high school valedictorian and the first in his family to graduate from college. His brothers are on the same path to success.


Texas Sun Devils celebrate release of ASU collegiate license plates

ASU's official collegiate license plate, sponsored by the ASU Alumni Association, has broken first-day sales records in the Lone Star State for Texas plates featuring an Arizona theme, with 98 plates sold on the first day.


ASU alum unlocking secrets of the brain at Blue Brain Project in Switzerland

Joe Graham is working on a project to create a full model of the human brain in 10 years.


Diversity | Alumni | News coverage:  ASU alum honored by Cosmopolitan for Latinas magazine

A recent story in The Arizona Republic spotlighted ASU alumnus Erika Andiola as a recipient of the first-ever "Fun Fearless Latina Awards" from Cosmopolitan for Latinas magazine.


ASU graduate joins Teach For America to give back

First-generation college student Matt Estrada hopes to motivate students coming from a disadvantaged background like his to pursue a college degree despite the odds.


Sustainability alum takes the 'hazard' out of 'hazardous waste'

As a hazardous waste compliance officer, Bradley Baker conducts facility inspections to ensure environmental and societal safety.


Breaking down barriers to educate youth one verse at a time

As a spoken-word artist, ASU alumnus Myrlin Hepworth dedicates his time to breaking down the barriers that misinform youth. Now, the community is taking notice of the rising star.


ASU Magazine highlights wellness tips, health care leaders in latest issue

The June 2013 edition of ASU Magazine features a cover story offering wellness tips from university researchers and alumni, and provides a showcase of 10 alumni who are leaders in the rapidly changing field of health care.


Alum uncovers secrets behind Powers Cabin Shootout in documentary

With the help of ASU alum Cameron Trejo's new documentary many details surrounding the Power Cabin Shootout have been uncovered.

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