July 30, 2015

Aerospace Engineering


ASU Foundation, Phoenix Symphony undertake joint space mission

Take a stunning musical/visual voyage through the solar system with ASU's Kip Hodges and the Phoenix Symphony on Jan. 10.


Students building satellite to help NASA learn more about solar flares

A group of ASU students are working to provide NASA with a satellite designed to better understand solar flares that could pose dangers for Earth.


Engineering | News coverage:  Advances in robotic weapons systems give rise to complex issues

In the Wall Street Journal, an ASU research initiative director and former Air Force chief scientist weighs in on the debate about autonomous robotic weapons systems.


ASU, Stanford examine implications of bioenergy crops

A team of researchers, including those from ASU and Stanford University, has found that converting large swaths of land to bioenergy crops could have a wide range of effects on regional climate.


Young engineers build Mach 2 rocket, set sights on space

ASU engineering student group Daedalus Astronautics continues to grow and attract national attention for their outreach efforts and amazing designs.


Freshman engineering students get guidance from industry pros

A special event bringing almost 200 engineers and industry representatives to campus gives ASU freshman engineering students a chance to a jump-start their career planning.


Engineering | Students:  Making strides in modernizing engineering education

ASU faculty members are helping to lead the development of new and more effective ways to teach engineering.


Guiding girls to explore engineering

A new ASU education outreach program is designed to find the most effective ways to interest girls in engineering and science careers.


ASU alum's command of major military operations draws spotlight

An ASU engineering alum has drawn international recognition for her command of U.S Air Force operations during the recent political unrest in Libya.


Engineering | International engagement | News coverage:  ASU alum commanding air forces in Libya

A graduate of ASU's aerospace engineering program is helping lead U.S. military operations in the Libyan mission.

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