February 28, 2015



Renowned space and earth explorer joins ASU faculty

ASU's first designated University Explorer, Scott Parazynski, joins the Ira A. Fulton Schools of Engineering and the School of Earth and Space Exploration as a professor of practice on Oct. 1.


Building the framework for the future of biofuels

Are plant-based fuels a realistic alternative to fossil fuels? An ASU engineer looks at the life cycle of biofuels from cultivation to production and beyond.


ASU engineer helps produce new material to prevent excessive bleeding

An ASU biomedical engineer contributes to potentially groundbreaking research on a synthetic material to aid the blood clotting process.


Mayo grant will advance ASU's development of device to aid diabetics

An ASU bioengineer and research partners at Mayo Clinic get support for the next stages of work on a tear-based glucose meter.


ASU engineering student gives back to his Kosovo homeland

Mentor Dida's experiences as a refugee inspire him to use his engineering education to make the world a better place.


Commons provides new home for ASU construction programs, Sun Devil Welcome Center

ASU’s new $54.5 million mixed-use building will serve as the cutting-edge home for ASU’s construction programs, as well as a center of activity for students, staff, alumni and the community.


ASU engineering graduate refused to be statistic, powered up her career

Carrie Culp likes puzzles and she figured out a big one: how to make her life work.


NSF funds ASU, Caltech workshop on synthetic biology

The National Science Foundation has awarded $150,000 to David Guston and Jenny Dyck Brian of ASU, along with Richard Murray of the California Institute of Technology, Pasadena, to conduct a workshop to develop research agendas addressing the societal questions of synthetic biology.


ASU engineer to lead Air Force Scientific Advisory Board

The group of foremost scientists and engineers who advise U.S. Air Force leaders will be presided over by ASU aerospace and mechanical engineering professor Werner Dahm.


ASU engineer helps unlock mysteries of the brain

An ASU biomedical engineer and his research collaborators are gaining a deeper knowledge about the workings of the human brain.

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