July 27, 2015



Research on human movement could lead to development of 'assistive homes'

Imagine living in a house that knows you and can anticipate your activities when you're home. This is just one example of a long-term application that could result from a National Science Foundation grant awarded to ASU assistant professor Pavan Turaga.


ASU engineer recognized for work on construction project planning

ASU assistant professor Mounir El Asmar has been recognized by the American Society of Civil Engineers for his outstanding contributions to construction management and construction engineering.


Science foundation supports ASU community members' promising research

Science Foundation Arizona is giving support to three ASU engineers pursuing technology advances with the potential to boost diverse industries; and a pair of academics diving deeper into their studies.


Colorado School of Mines names ASU's Paul Johnson as 17th president

Paul Johnson, dean of the Ira A. Fulton Schools of Engineering at Arizona State University, has been named the 17th president of the Colorado School of Mines. Under his leadership, the Fulton Schools have experienced increased enrollment and student success.


ASU's InnovationSpace: Creating solutions through collaboration

Arizona State University's InnovationSpace is a yearlong product-design and -development program intent on tackling societal challenges. The expertise of its faculty ranges from marketing to biomimicry.


Middle schoolers engage tiny learners with science fun

Middle school students recently visited a classroom at ASU's Mary Lou Fulton Teachers College Preschool to share their robotics knowledge with the preschoolers as part of a project for their STEM club.


U.S. West's power grid must be prepared for effects of climate change

ASU engineers say climate changes that will make the West hotter and drier could put constraints on energy-generation capabilities.


As STEM grows, so do efforts to help students succeed

The number of STEM students enrolled at ASU has dramatically increased in the past 12 years. Behind the numbers, however, is something of a revolution in teaching, in personalizing education and in focus.


STEM student is engineering a bright future

As a STEM student at a large university, Brett Larsen found invaluable help in the engineering peer-mentor program, the E2 Camp, and the school's emphasis on treating its students as engineers from day one.


ASU engineer to join high-powered leaders in Aspen Institute fellowship

An entrepreneurial ASU materials scientist and engineer will contribute to a prominent institute's endeavors to help solve the world's challenges.

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