May 25, 2015



ASU researchers license technology to measure glucose in saliva, a potential boon for diabetics

ASU engineering professor Jeffrey La Belle's use of biomarkers in saliva could replace current tests that require individuals with Type II diabetes to draw blood samples each day.


ASU engineering student awarded prestigious Goldwater Scholarship

Impressive achievements in the classroom, in the laboratory and in community service helped an ASU engineering student win one of the nation’s top scholarships.


Sustainability | Engineering | News coverage:  Developing alternative concrete materials to protect the environment

An ASU engineer is formulating new kinds of concrete that could be made without the harmful greenhouse gases emitted in the production of conventional concrete.


ASU engineer works to transform ordinary metals into smart materials

A National Science Foundation CAREER Award will help an ASU mechanical engineer expand his work on developing "shape-memory" metal alloys.


Engineering | Faculty and Staff | News coverage:  ASU engineer is pulling CO2 out of thin air

An ASU engineering professor is developing technology that shows promise for helping to reduce the troublesome buildup of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere.


Industry experts offer 7 tips to help students land jobs

Experts from Honeywell, Intel, Northrup Grumman and other industries offered tips for landing a dream job at a recent ASU conference.


ASU-developed app gives museum visitors an astronaut in the palm of their hand

Two Arizona museums have partnered with ASU to offer visitors a mobile app to complement their exhibits. Dr. Universe encourages visitors to ask questions and the astronaut responds back from its database.


What makes content go viral? ASU computer scientist investigates

ASU computer scientist Paulo Shakarian wants to learn why some information goes "viral" on social media – and why some does not.


Interactive learning: ASU Online to pilot environmental science games

Continuing to lead innovation in online education, Arizona State University is piloting a series of environmental science games at ASU Online.


Creating a safer infrastructure system

A National Science Foundation CAREER Award will support ASU engineer Pingbo Tang's effort to improve the maintenance, safety and resilience of civil infrastructure.

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