Graduating this spring? Help them say your name right!

Posted: March 08, 2013

You’ve worked hard to earn your diploma, so when you graduate, you hope they'll say your name right, don't you?
If people are always mispronouncing your name, there’s a new way to help the readers get it right at commencement.
RSVP for graduation at – a link you will find in My ASU. When you RSVP, you can indicate the phonetic spelling of your name, or just point out that it is pronounced as a Spanish name, or English name, for example; that note will be printed on the name card you hand the reader as you cross the stage.   
Have a particularly unique name, or one where the accented syllable is not obvious? You can record your name so there’s no question. Enter your phone number and receive an immediate call that allows you to make a recording that the readers can listen to when they prepare.
Check My ASU to get to and make your reservation for graduation now. And while you are there, don't ignore the pronunciation field on the RSVP form, and don't be shy about recording your name for the readers. It might just help them get it right!