July 03, 2015

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  • The team will study information cascades – trends marked by people ignoring their own knowledge in favor of suggestions from others' actions – as they relate to terrorist networks' social-media posts, including the power of images online.

  • The immune system's CD8 T cells patrol the bloodstream, on guard for suspicious activity. But that protection is a double-edged sword: Too few T cells are ineffective; too many, lethal. New ASU research aims to understand that balance.

  • The long-running NASA Mars Odyssey orbiter has carried an ASU-designed Mars camera for 14 years, longer than any previous instrument at Mars. The THEMIS camera has taken nearly 400,000 images, allowing scientists to map much of the Red Planet's surface.

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Sustainability Conference of American Legal Educators

May 8, Armstrong Hall, Tempe campus
More than 60 law professors from around the country will convene at the conference for panels on issues at the intersection of sustainability and law, including climate-change policy, natural-resources law, agricultural and food regulation, and disaster law. More information

"The King's Speech" film screening

6 p.m., May 12, Marston Exploratory Theater, ISTB 4, Tempe campus
The Department of Speech and Hearing Science will host a free screening of the film to celebrate the services provided by professionals in the field of speech and hearing science. Part of Better Hearing and Speech Month. More information


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