July 01, 2015

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ASU students head to France for global entrepreneurship experience

ASU is sending some of its "best risk-takers" – 11 student entrepreneurs – to France to join nearly 600 students at the European Innovation Academy. There they will refine their business skills, build contacts and pitch their start-up ideas to investors.


ASU student founds ¡Habla! AZ to empower high school students through theater

Over the past year, ASU student Elisa Gonzales has been working to make theater more accessible with a program that encourages Latino high school students to express themselves through performance.


ASU powers up with Green Sports Alliance

The Pac-12 Conference announced June 29 that it has officially joined the Green Sports Alliance (GSA), making it the first collegiate sports conference to count all its members – including Arizona State University – as GSA participants.


Digital Performance Lab designed to keep creatives in Arizona

The Orange Theatre recently launched the Digital Performance Lab, an ASU alum-led residency that brings together digital media designers, developers and actors to collaborate on new interactive technologies for the stage and performing arts.


ASU earns Minerva grant to study terrorists' social-media recruiting power

The team will study information cascades – trends marked by people ignoring their own knowledge in favor of suggestions from others' actions – as they relate to terrorist networks' social-media posts, including the power of images online.


ASU-China Biodesign Center: More support, new opportunities in university collaboration

Earlier this week, representatives from Shandong University in China visited ASU to discuss potential opportunities for research collaboration.


New research probes key component of the immune system

The immune system's CD8 T cells patrol the bloodstream, on guard for suspicious activity. But that protection is a double-edged sword: Too few T cells are ineffective; too many, lethal. New ASU research aims to understand that balance.


Big man, big legacy: Artwork of 'Big Al' Carter comes to ASU

An artist who refused labels, Allen "Big Al" Carter fused styles and invented techniques to share his vision with the world. More than 80 of his powerful paintings, sculptures, drawings and assemblages are on view this summer at the ASU Art Museum.


ASU works with Navajo planners to map out tribe's destiny through training program

The Navajo Nation is continuing to map its own future, and ASU's School of Geographical Sciences and Urban Planning is playing a key support role through a 12-day community planning program in Tempe.