April 18, 2014

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Which foods may cost you more due to Calif. drought

With California experiencing one of its worst droughts on record, grocery shoppers across the country can expect to see a short supply of certain fruits and vegetables in stores, and to pay higher prices for those items.


ASU students receive prestigious 'Faculty for the Future' fellowship

Ruirui Han of China and Gayatri Marliyani of Indonesia, both School of Earth and Space Exploration students pursuing doctorates, were awarded renewals of their prestigious "Faculty for the Future" fellowships.


Love-it or hate-it brands: Study looks at stock market performance

A new business study from Arizona State University shows love-it or hate-it brands probably won’t perform exceptionally well in the stock market, but they also offer investors less risk because you know just what to expect.


Bioarchaeologists link climate instability to human mobility in ancient Sahara

ASU bioarchaeologists are studying the remains of some of ancient humans from the Sahara to understand how their changing climate affected their ability and need to move across the landscape.


Eight, Arizona PBS airs 'Ask an Expert' segment for Child Abuse Prevention Month

A panel of experts will discuss strategies and resources for child abuse prevention here in Arizona, and answer viewer questions via phone and social media.


Social Science:  ASU Regents' Professor explains Latina 'lending circles'

In the midst of tax season, a National Public Radio series is looking at women and wealth.


US-China competition encourages ideas to prevent electronic waste

Finding creative ways to turn yesterday's electronics into tomorrow's technology is at the heart of a new initiative to tackle the challenge of e-waste head-on.


Archaeologist leads undergrads to research dynamics of neighborhood formation

Undergraduate research opportunities abound at ASU, and archaeologist Michael E. Smith is one of the top faculty for providing them.


ASU students work to revolutionize loan repayment

Shaving down college student loan debt while still in school could soon be an option for ASU and other U.S. university students, thanks to the efforts of a team of ASU innovators.


W. P. Carey School honors Executive of the Year

For his impressive work in the investment arena, the W. P. Carey School of Business at Arizona State University will honor Jim Davidson – co-founder, managing partner and managing director of Silver Lake – with the school's annual Executive of the Year Award next week.