October 09, 2015

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ASU Mars images star in 'The Martian'

Images of Mars taken by a visual and infrared camera designed at Arizona State University — the Thermal Emission Imaging System — take a star turn in the new hit movie "The Martian."


Elephants provide big clue in fight against cancer

The question of why big animals don't get more cancer than small ones is a long-standing mystery, and today all eyes are on the elephant, thanks to research by Arizona State University associate professor Carlo Maley.


Artist collective creates ambitious installation on US-Mexico border

This week, three members of an indigenous artist collective called Postcommodity will install the largest-ever bi-national land art piece on the U.S.-Mexico border.


Moral philosopher Peter Singer joins ASU's Lawrence Krauss in conversation on ethics

"Singer & Krauss: An Origins Project Dialogue" is a candid and unscripted conversation on ethics for the 21st century, covering topics ranging from animal liberation to dying with dignity to effective altruism.


Don't space out: ASU business professor helps astronauts stay on task

Task shifting – even pulling yourself away from the computer screen to answer a question – can impact productivity. For astronauts, it can increase risks. That's why NASA has commissioned ASU to study it.


PowHER conference at ASU aims to inspire confidence in young women

The inaugural PowHER Women’s Conference aimed to inspire young women with the confidence and habits that would serve them well in college and beyond — while also acknowledging that although strides have been made in female empowerment, there is still work to do.


Students pitch inventive ideas during Launch Days

From ways to keep sun-bathed cars cool to new social media apps, Launch Days provides entrepreneurial students a chance to pitch their ideas for new inventions or ideas.


Hacking technology for the social good

People from all walks of life came together for ASU's Hacks for Humanity – a "hackathon for the social good. This year, ideas ranged from apps that assist in calming car-crash victims to finding kidney donors to helping pedestrians better navigate cities.


Sustainability team studies how cities survive mega storms

With record-strength disasters becoming the new normal — Hurricane Joaquin just the latest — scientists are digging into ways cities can survive them. An ASU sustainability expert is visiting New York and Puerto Rico this week to meet with civic officials.