March 04, 2015

More ASU News


University:  ASU Online dean on how to ensure the success of nontraditional students

In a recent op-ed, dean of ASU Online Philip Regier Regier expresses concern for the rise of 25- to 34-year-olds who attended a college or university, but did not obtain a degree.


Nursing and Health Care | Health Solutions | Mayo Clinic | News coverage:  ASU, Mayo collaborate to advance Arizona's biotech industry

A collaborative project designed to strengthen the ASU-Mayo relationship, improve health care and aid in economic development is moving forward with leasing 150 acres of land near Mayo Clinic.


Education | News coverage:  ASU dean talks teacher prep with education-focused nonprofit

Nonprofit organization Reasoning Mind interviewed Mari Koerner, dean of ASU's Teachers College, about the evolution of teacher preparation, how the college is raising the status of the teaching profession and her advice to novice teachers.


University | Sustainability @ ASU | News coverage:  National magazine features ASU's sustainability efforts

ASU's sustainability operations efforts are showcased in the August 2014 College Planning & Management magazine's "Greening the Desert" feature.


Research | Education | News coverage:  ASU research finds segregation in Arizona schools is on the rise

New research being conducted by Jeanne Powers, associate professor in ASU's Teachers College, finds that the majority of students in Arizona’s public and charter schools attend school with peers of their same racial, ethnic and socioeconomic backgrounds.


Arts / Culture | News coverage:  ASU dean: Different perspectives essential to cultural, educational experiences

According to Herberger Institute dean Steven Tepper, "bigger-than-me" experiences are necessary for students to have authentic growth.


Earth / Space | Humanities | News coverage:  What will it take to get us back to the moon?

The next thing we send to the moon might very well come out of Kickstarter, rather than a national space agency, writes Jekan Thanga, assistant professor at ASU's School of Earth and Space Exploration, for the popular technology and culture website Boing Boing.


Sustainability | Sustainability @ ASU | News coverage:  Higher education in sustainability becoming more important

In an Environmental Leader article, ASU President Michael Crow encourages future business leaders to have experience and education in sustainability.


Science | Humanities | News coverage:  Project Hieroglyph: optimism for the future

A story and video from BBC News profiles ASU's Project Hieroglyph, which brings together science fiction authors with scientists, engineers and other experts to create optimistic visions of the near-future, grounded in real science and technology.


Sustainability | News coverage:  ASU ecologist on vanishing rivers, vanishing species

Ecologist and water resources specialist John Sabo comments on new research that looks at drought, drying rivers and animal extinction in the face of climate change.