October 10, 2015

More ASU News


University | Students | News coverage:  ASU first-generation student success program featured on PBS

Laurie Mook, ASU assistant professor, and Lindsay Romasanta, assistant director for the ASU First-Year Success Center, were interviewed on the PBS Channel 8 program Horizonte about ASU's First Generation Pathway to Success (1GPS) program.


Public service:  ASU studies impact of police body cameras in Arizona, Washington

The ASU Center for Violence Prevention and Community Safety is leading a study of how body-worn cameras are perceived by citizens and police officers in Tempe and Spokane, Washington.


Humanities | News coverage:  ASU historian's book on slavery's contribution to capitalism gets high marks

The Daily Beast has published a review of "The Business of Slavery and the Rise of American Capitalism, 1815-1860," (Yale University Press, 2015) by ASU associate professor of history Calvin Schermerhorn.


Sustainability | Engineering | News coverage:  Developing alternative concrete materials to protect the environment

An ASU engineer is formulating new kinds of concrete that could be made without the harmful greenhouse gases emitted in the production of conventional concrete.


University | Students:  Progress of ASU, Starbucks partnership profiled

The May 2015 issue of The Atlantic features an article titled "The Upwardly Mobile Barista" in which it tells the story of several Starbucks employees who are benefiting from the new educational model.


Sustainability | Renewable energy | Sustainability @ ASU | News coverage:  ASU named No. 1 producer of solar power among campuses nationwide

An April 20 article from Energy Digital featured the top 10 campuses in the nation for solar energy production, with Arizona State University coming in at No. 1.


Engineering | Faculty and Staff | News coverage:  ASU engineer is pulling CO2 out of thin air

An ASU engineering professor is developing technology that shows promise for helping to reduce the troublesome buildup of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere.


Business | Students | News coverage:  Firms seek consulting advice from ASU students

Imagine getting the chance to work with chief executives on real-world projects in your career field, before you even have a degree. That's what students at ASU's W. P. Carey School of Business are doing, thanks to the school's New Venture Group.


Sustainability | News coverage:  ASU scientist addresses Arizona water security in wake of California reductions

An executive order for water use reductions issued by California Gov. Jerry Brown has many Arizonans questioning our own water future.


Research | Science | News coverage:  ASU professor on the unique role citizens play in scientific research

KJZZ's Mark Brodie interviewed ASU professor Darlene Cavalier about citizen science and the unique contributions and perspectives that citizens bring to research.