May 24, 2015

More ASU News


Environment | News coverage | Life Science:  ASU professor speaks on mitigating urban greenhouse gas emissions

Arizona State University associate professor Kevin Gurney presented information on how cities can help mitigate urban greenhouse gas emissions at the United Nations Climate Conference in the Peruvian capital of Lima.


Sustainability | Law | News coverage:  ASU sustainability scientist provides insight into climate conference

In a recent Climate Central article, senior sustainability scholar Daniel Bodansky of Arizona State University provides insight into a major international climate change conference, now under way in Lima, Peru.


News coverage | Social Science:  ASU archaeologist promotes Arizona's petroglyph treasure trove

Arizona State University archaeologist Arleyn Simon recently gave KJZZ's Nadine Arroyo Rodriguez a tour of the rock art at South Mountain and discussed the state's wealth of petroglyphs, which are often right under hikers' noses.


News coverage | Life Science:  Should extinct species stay extinct?

In an article published in Slate magazine’s Future Tense, Arizona State University’s Ben Minteer writes that de-extinction is not a conservation strategy and does not reflect a sound conservation ethic.


University | Education | News coverage:  Duncan cites ASU for 'raising the bar' on teacher education

Education Secretary Arne Duncan cited Arizona State University as a school that is "raising the bar" on teacher education, as he unveiled a plan nov. 25 aimed at strengthening teacher training and better preparing teachers for the classroom.


Education | News coverage:  ASU education dean on the importance of great teachers

Mari Koerner, dean of Teachers College, emphasized the importance of great teachers connecting with children, having strong leadership and knowing how to teach at a recent Zocalo Public Square event in Los Angeles.


Arts / Culture | News coverage:  ASU dean on his new role, vision for Herberger Institute

Social scientist and policy scholar Steven J. Tepper talks about his new role as dean of the Herberger Institute for Design and the Arts and about his vision for the institute.


Bioscience / Biotech | News coverage:  ASU's Halden addresses making chemistry green

In an op-ed published in the New York Times, ASU professor Rolf Halden addressed a critical societal issue affecting our soils, water and food – the active ingredients of antimicrobial products such as soaps and toothpaste.


Education | News coverage:  ASU dean: Effective teaching requires learned skills, practice

Dean Mari Koerner spent the first seven years of her teaching career in a second-grade classroom – an experience that taught her what makes a great teacher.


University | Students | News coverage:  Student loan debt among the lowest nationally in Arizona

A recent study shows that in Arizona, college graduates from Arizona State University are reported to carry the least amount of debt.