August 03, 2015

More ASU News


Public service | News coverage:  ASU researchers detail participatory budgeting experiment

Two ASU researcher detailed a Phoenix high school's participatory budgeting experiment – the first of its kind in the U.S. – in an article that was featured in TIME.


Environment | News coverage:  ASU professor debunks claim of record snowfall

In reference to a reported record-setting snowstorm that struck Capracotta, Italy, March 5, ASU professor Randall Cerveny said snowfall measurements are very difficult to verify, and that for this reason the World Meteorological Organization does not currently track snowfall data.


University:  ASU Online courses help stem rising cost of higher ed

According to a recent article in The Economist, MOOCs (massive open online courses) "have enabled universities to beam lectures to wide audiences for a tiny marginal cost."


Engineering | News coverage:  ASU professor: How rapidly changing technology affects human value systems

Arizona State University engineering and ethics professor Brad Allenby says the ever-faster pace at which new and powerful technologies arise presents us with difficult choices.


Engineering | Innovation / Entrepreneurship | News coverage:  Poison dart frog inspires new way to de-ice planes

An Arizona State University aerospace and mechanical engineer is developing a promising new method to keep ice off aircraft, thanks to a toxin-secreting amphibian.


Innovation / Entrepreneurship:  Adaptive technologies designed by and for people with disabilities

The best adaptive technologies are designed by, not for, people with disabilities, says ASU's Sethuraman “Panch” Panchanathan.


Sustainability | Arts / Culture:  ASU students, alum featured in 'Microdwelling' show

ASU architecture students from The Design School helped to construct a selection of tiny spaces currently on view in an exhibition featuring 12 structures under 600 square feet at the Schemer Art Center in Phoenix.


Research | News coverage | Social Science:  Study shows city growth appears the same since ancient times

Large urban centers tend to be laid out similarly, and according to a recent study, they also tend to follow the same patterns of growth – and have since ancient times.


Engineering | News coverage:  Robotics advances open life-enhancing possibilities

In a TV interview, ASU engineering researchers describe how developments in robotics technologies are raising hopes of improving restoration of human physical functions.


Nursing and Health Care | Health Solutions | Mayo Clinic:  ASU, Mayo lauded for innovation in changing medical school landscape

Medical students in some of the most respected schools in the country are learning under a new model that emphasizes cost-effective, patient-centered care.