April 27, 2015

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Arts / Culture | Humanities | News coverage:  ASU English scholar sheds light on Jane Austen letters

Devoney Looser and her colleague discovered two previously unpublished letters that shed light on the life of novelist Jane Austen.


Research | Engineering | News coverage:  Sewage sludge could contain millions of dollars worth of gold

Environmental research led by an ASU engineer has revealed that there are significant amounts of precious metals in an unlikely place.


News coverage:  Is desert landscaping sustainable?

As low-water-use plants and desert landscaping have grown more popular with desert dwellers, knowledge of how to care for xeriscapes has not kept pace, says ASU professor Chris Martin.


University | Business | News coverage:  ASU, Sejong University strengthen academic partnership

Arizona State University Associate Vice Provost at Graduate Education Ajay Vinze spoke with South Korea's leading newspaper about Sejong University's academic partnership with the W. P. Carey School of Business on a recent visit to its Graduate School of Business.


Engineering | News coverage:  ASU grads create medical device to cure jaundice

Two ASU engineering graduates and a current engineering graduate student have helped develop technology for an entrepreneurial endeavor to help cure jaundice in infants.


Arts / Culture | News coverage:  Photographing the border: the landscape behind the politics

ASU Regents' Professor of Art Mark Klett discusses his new show, up now at New York's Pace/MacGill Gallery, with John Guida of The New York Times.


Engineering | Faculty and Staff | News coverage:  ASU professor recognized for career achievements in engineering, construction

An ASU professor has received a career achievement award from one of the top construction industry publications.


News coverage | Social Science:  Historic skulls suggest head injuries led to early death

The first historic study of risk of death linked to the survival of skull fracture was recently conducted by an international research team.


Public service | News coverage:  Research on subsidized day care draws national attention

ASU associate professor Chris Herbst has spent much of the last decade examining what works and what doesn't when it comes to subsidized day care and other welfare programs designed to help people in need.


Research | News coverage | Life Science:  Arthropod 'family tree' gets bigger through evolution studies

While insects and crustaceans have long been considered by scientists to be separate branches of the arthropod "family tree," ASU School of Life Sciences researcher and professor Jon Harrison reports that new findings show they actually belong together.