April 18, 2014

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News coverage:  China's attempt to lure scientists not without its drawbacks

Denis Simon, vice provost of the Office of International Strategic Initiatives, comments on Chinese incentives to lure back expatriates and bring senior scientists to China with generous incentives.


Arts / Culture | Alumni | News coverage:  ASU grad lands lead role in Broadway's 'Book of Mormon'

Alexandra Ncube, who graduated from ASU in 2012 with a degree in theater, will star in the popular Broadway production, "The Book of Mormon."


Research | Sustainability | Social Science:  Social factors trump resources for food security following disasters

Following a natural disaster, vulnerability to food shortage appears to depend more on a group's ability to migrate and form positive relationships with other groups than on resource factors.


Humanities | News coverage:  'The Future of Me': Using art to cross borders

In a Future Tense article for Slate, ASU Visionary in Residence Bruce Sterling muses about borders, open-source hardware, cultural dislocation and his interactive installation piece, “My Future Frontier/Mi Futura Frontera.”


Science | Humanities:  'The Future of Me': Technology and the outsourced self

We are increasingly outsourcing our identities to computers and algorithms, argues Ed Finn, director of ASU’s Center for Science and the Imagination.


Arts / Culture | Engineering | News coverage:  'The Future of Me': Technology is transforming traditional idea of the self

ASU Lincoln Professor Brad Allenby explores "The Future of Me" in a Future Tense article for Slate connected to ASU's Emerge: The Carnival of the Future event.


ASU News:  Bus brings fresh produce, free health screenings to underserved areas

A renovated city bus will soon travel twice a week to under-served neighborhoods in Phoenix and Tempe, providing fresh produce and free health screenings from ASU's College of Nursing & Health Innovation.


News coverage:  Is bitcoin poised to gain acceptance as an electronic currency?

Despite recent controversy, bitcoin may be here to stay, says ASU professor Ajay Vinze.


Public service | News coverage:  What CIOs say about big data

In a report conducted in partnership with the IBM Center for The Business of Government, ASU's Kevin Desouza examines a new frontier for the public sector: big data.


Research | Renewable energy | News coverage:  Outlook for sustainable energy is sunny in Arizona

Sethuraman "Panch" Panchanathan discusses energy research at ASU in his latest column in The Arizona Republic.