May 04, 2015

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Sustainability | News coverage:  ASU scientist addresses Arizona water security in wake of California reductions

An executive order for water use reductions issued by California Gov. Jerry Brown has many Arizonans questioning our own water future.


Research | Science | News coverage:  ASU professor on the unique role citizens play in scientific research

KJZZ's Mark Brodie interviewed ASU professor Darlene Cavalier about citizen science and the unique contributions and perspectives that citizens bring to research.


Research | News coverage | Life Science:  'Survival of the fittest' may take a back seat to wealth, power

The Washington Post has reported on a study, led by ASU researchers, where geneticists have discovered a "bottleneck," or decrease in genetic diversity in the male lineage about 4,000 to 8,000 years ago.


News coverage | Life Science:  ASU researcher calls for citizen participation in discussions on the future of human genetic engineering

In an article appearing in The Guardian, ASU School of Life Sciences assistant professor Benjamin Hurlbut and two colleagues are calling for additional actions pertaining to the possible implementation of genetic engineering.


Earth / Space | Science | Humanities | News coverage:  'What to do when an astronaut dies in space' focus of ethical analysis by ASU student

Questions like whether a body left in space can be used as compost, and whether it’s legal to let a corpse drift into the great beyond are posed by Daniel Oberhaus, an English and philosophy senior at Arizona State University in an article for Slate.


Public service | News coverage:  Arizona's first governor focus of book by ASU professor emeritus

Arizona has never seen a governor quite like its first and longest serving - George W.P. Hunt. He is considered to be one the state's most successful politicians ever.


Health Solutions | News coverage:  Reagan speech helps ASU researchers unlock possible early signs of Alzheimer's

By studying subtle changes in President Ronald Reagan's speech patterns while he was in office, ASU's Visar Berisha and Julie Liss have linked these changes to the onset of dementia, years before doctors diagnosed his Alzheimer's disease in 1994.


Research | News coverage:  ASU software engineer documents military damage to archaeological sites

Archaeologist and ASU scientific software engineer Stephen Savage recently penned an article for Slate's Future Tense regarding the destruction of important archaeological sites by terrorist group ISIS.


Business | Innovation / Entrepreneurship:  ASU alum turns skateboard idea into profitable venture

A little over $1,000 in personal savings and a wacky idea is all Arizona State University alum Greg Rudolph needed to launch his venture Board Blazers.


Arts / Culture | News coverage:  ASU dean on 'state of the arts' in the Valley

In an interview with KJZZ's Steve Goldstein, Herberger Institute's Dean Steven J. Tepper discusses the state of the Valley art scene.