July 28, 2015

More ASU News


Research | News coverage | Social Science:  Exhibit, research focus on ethical dilemmas

ASU anthropologist Daniel Hruschka attempts to tackle moral dilemmas with his research known as the Virtue Project, now the subject of an ASU Museum of Anthropology exhibit.


Law:  Law professor comments on Babeu staff story

Professor Paul Bender recently was quoted in an Arizona Republic article, titled “Babeu staff facing federal inquiry.”


Administration | News coverage:  In search of higher education's 'Best Picture'

The American Council of Trustees and Alumni highlight some shining stars in the U.S. higher education system in the style of the Academy Awards, which recently aired.


Law | News coverage:  Law professor comments on disbarring of Spanish judge

Daniel Rothenberg, executive director of the Center for Law and Global Affairs at the College of Law, was interviewed on an Australian national radio show about the disbarring and conviction of Spanish judge Baltasar Garzón.


Engineering | Sustainability @ ASU | News coverage:  ASU develops algae fuel source at Polytechnic campus

Can Arizona State University's Polytechnic campus be a world leader in developing an alternate fuel source for transportation?


Law | News coverage:  Law professor weighs in on 'no cussing' bill

James Weinstein was recently quoted in an article about a proposed bill that would punish public school teachers for using words that violate FCC obscenity and profanity guidelines.


Engineering | News coverage:  Advances in robotic weapons systems give rise to complex issues

In the Wall Street Journal, an ASU research initiative director and former Air Force chief scientist weighs in on the debate about autonomous robotic weapons systems.


Earth / Space | Life Science:  Professor shares opinion on where life began

ASU professor tackles the question that strikes at the very heart of one of the deepest mysteries in the universe: How did life begin on Earth?


Science | Innovation / Entrepreneurship | Community partnerships | News coverage:  ASU Polytechnic campus hosts NetZero conference

Military officials convened at ASU's Polytechnic campus for a two-day event called NetZero and the Tactical Edge to explore alternative energy opportunities.


Law:  Marchant comments on 'wrongful birth' lawsuits bill

ASU Regents' Professor Gary Marchant, recently spoke to AP reporter Michelle L. Price about a bill that would prevent "wrongful birth" lawsuits.