March 27, 2015

More ASU News


News coverage | Social Science:  Gallab book is focal point for global discussion on Sudan

Professor Abdullahi Gallab's new book is serving as the launch point for a global discussion about the failure of Sudanese statehood.


Arts / Culture | News coverage:  Gift wrapping tips from a pro

Costume coordinator Melissa Montoya shares some of her tricks when wrapping packages.


Research | Sustainability:  Scientists examine urban heat island in low-income areas

A new study examines the role of vegetation in urban cooling, particularly in low-income neighborhoods experiencing extreme heat.


Research | News coverage | Social Science:  ASU study on Neanderthal extinction sparks interest

Paleoanthropologist Bence Viola of the Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology in Leipzig, Germany, was “intrigued” by computational modeling done at ASU that spanned 1,500 Neanderthal generations.


Social work professor to serve on Arizona Geriatrics Society board

Teri Kennedy, professor of social work and director of the Office of Gerontological Social Work Initiatives, has been elected to serve as a member of the Board of Directors of the Arizona Geriatric


Education:  Nation's biggest teacher prep program revamps training

A recent article in Education Week looks at ASU's new flagship undergraduate teacher education program.


Research | Engineering | Innovation / Entrepreneurship | News coverage:  Student invents life saving device in the wake of tragedy

Peter Seymour, a senior at ASU's College of Technology and Innovation, talks about how he is overcoming personal tragedy by creating SIDS prevention technology that will save lives.


Arts / Culture | News coverage:  'Maid's Daughter' reports happy ending

The Los Angeles Times looks at professor Mary Romero's book "The Maid's Daughter" and includes recent reflections from "Olivia," the subject of Romero's ethnographic research.


News coverage | Social Science:  ASU exhibit: 3 million years in the making

ASU's Museum of Anthropology is offering visitors the chance to see a cast of Lucy, the 3.1-million-year-old hominid fossil pivotal to the study of human origins.


University | Sports:  ASU a step closer to sports mecca

Maricopa County has created a special revenue district that will allow Arizona State University to develop or refurbish athletic facilities, the Arizona Republic reports.