May 04, 2015

More ASU News


Research | International engagement | News coverage | Social Science:  Mexican museum honors ASU archaeologist with symposium

ASU's Barbara Stark was honored a symposium at the Museum of Anthropology of Xalapa in Veracruz, Mexico for her contributions to the archaeology of the region.


Research | Sustainability | News coverage | Life Science:  Research compares urban ecology in America's cities

In a New York Times article, university researchers say urban landscapes are becoming more similar across the United States.


Engineering | Renewable energy | News coverage:  Quest for clean energy comes with complexities

An ASU engineer weighs in on the debate about the costs, environmental benefits and other impacts of developing "clean" energy resources.


Law:  Law professor comments on background checks

Associate dean Zachary Kramer was quoted in an article in The Arizona Republic by Josh Brodesky on Nov. 20, titled "Background checks prone to mistakes."


Engineering | Science | News coverage:  How a Human Rights Watch report is wrong

"This report, unfortunately, substitutes righteous outrage over straw robots for a serious contribution to that necessary dialog," writes ASU's Brad Allenby.


Science | News coverage:  Bond, James Bond, inspiring a safer world

Imagine a world in which illegally acquired guns physically cannot be used. Inspired by the new Bond movie, that's the world conceptualized in a recent Future Tense article.


Business:  Check-in apps let you dart into stores, get rewards

It's holiday shopping time, and ASU's Marilyn Prosch discusses "check-in apps" – the next generation of coupon circulars and in-store promotions.


Law:  Mayes interviewed on 'Arizona Horizon'

Professor Kris Mayes appeared on “Arizona Horizon,” Nov. 13, in an interview with Ted Simons to discuss Arizona’s renewable energy standard.


University:  At ASU, student advising plays key role in college success

ASU introduced eAdvisor in 2008. The software helps students to pick majors and to stay on track toward graduation.


University:  ASU embraces inclusiveness, pursues transformation

The New American University has used its size to pursue excellence.