July 30, 2015

More ASU News


Administration | Health Solutions | Mayo Clinic | News coverage:  New co-director of obesity initiative already well-known for inactivity studies

A New York Times article titled "Is Sitting a Lethal Activity?" features research being done by one of ASU's newest tenured professors.


Students:  Honors student chosen for Glamour Magazine Readers' Choice Contest

ASU and Barrett Honors College student Mona Dixon has been chosen by Glamour Magazine for its Readers' Choice Contest featuring seven outstanding college women.


Bioscience / Biotech | Research | News coverage:  Why we should care about Isaac Asimov's birthday

Who is Isaac Asimov? A scientist who also happened to love writing stories. As a result, his birthday now marks National Science Fiction Day.


Law:  North American Law Degree receives wide press coverage

The College of Law's creation of the North American Law Degree has received a wide range of media attention, with stories in the Associated Press, National Post, The National Law Journal, KJZZ-FM and other news outlets.


Research | Sustainability | News coverage | Social Science:  Researchers examine urban heat and human vulnerability

A transdisciplinary team of scientists is using the hot and populous Phoenix metropolitan area to explore how different segments of the region are being affected by increasingly oppressive heat.


News coverage:  How 'big data' segregates

ASU's Daniel Sarewitz points out in a Slate article that "the quest for speed in transportation was an unrecognized domain in which technological advance itself led to increasing inequity of distribution of social and economic opportunity."


Environment | Community partnerships | News coverage:  ASU students to help Mesa create a town square

The Jan. 1 issue of the Arizona Republic featured a cooperative project between the City of Mesa and ASU's School of Geographical Sciences and Urban Planning.


Faculty and Staff | News coverage:  A love letter to Phoenix

English professor Rosemarie Dombrowski wrote a love letter to the city she loves. The piece first appeared in the Huffington Post online edition of the paper.


Law:  Carter op-ed piece published in 'Republic'

An article by associate clinical professor Andrew Carter that advocates caution in judging parents who intervene in the medical treatment of their children was published on the Viewpoints page of The Arizona Republic, Dec. 30.


Environment | News coverage:  Cerveny: Bragging rights for extreme temperature

On Dec. 28, the New York Times reported on responses to the World Meteorological Organization’s announcement that Death Valley, Calif. now holds the record for the world’s hottest temperature.