March 27, 2015

More ASU News


Arts / Culture | News coverage | Community:  Election Day keepsake by the people, for the people

The ASU School of Art in the Herberger Institute's book arts and letterpress studio is providing the public with their own Election Day keepsakes.


Students:  Barrett Honors College student makes skateboards and scooters light up

An ASU student came up with an invention to try and keep skateboarders safe at night.


International engagement:  Mohrman comments on grant-funded American Cultural Centers in China

ASU professor Kathryn Mohrman was quoted in an article written by Elizabeth Redden, titled "U.S. Answer to Confucius Institutes," Nov. 2 in Inside Higher Ed.


Law | News coverage:  Feller quoted on environmental blog

Professor Joe Feller was quoted in an environmental blog written by Stephanie Ogburn at High Country News, Oct. 30.


Law | News coverage:  Hodge comments on Medicare issues

James G. Hodge Jr., ASU Lincoln Professor of Health Law and Ethics, was quoted in an article in The Arizona Republic by staff writer Ken Alltucker on Nov. 1.


Law | News coverage:  Gartner comments on final presidential debate

Associate professor David Gartner was interviewed on CBS 5 News on Oct. 23, about the final presidential debate.


Sustainability | News coverage:  Gasoline distribution is problematic in the wake of Hurricane Sandy

In an interview with CBS This Morning, ASU's John Hofmeister explains that, while there is plenty of gasoline supply to meet this demand, it cannot be distributed without electricity.


Science | News coverage:  When should scientists say 'we don't know'?

Seven scientists, convened by a local government in Italy, has been charged with manslaughter because of their unwillingness to say, "we don't know."


Bioscience / Biotech | Engineering | News coverage:  Performance enhancement is here to stay

An ASU professor says trying to impose an all-out ban on the use of performance-enhancing substances by athletes is bound to fail.


Karin featured in 'Huffington Post' blog

Marcy Karin, associate clinical professor of law wrote a blog post titled, "Reasonable Break Time Provided Amidst the Breastfeeding Media Craze."