April 23, 2014

More ASU News


Administration | Sports:  Crow calls for end of Bowl Championship Series

ASU President Michael Crow is one of the first major university presidents to publicly denounce the Bowl Championship Series system.


ASU News:  Are depressed kids bully magnets?

Psychologists, not to mention parents, have long observed that kids who seem depressed tend to have trouble getting along with - and being accepted by - their peers.


Arts / Culture | Journalism | Faculty and Staff:  Expert explains how Komen Foundation can recover from crisis

Rebuilding the damage done to the Komen Foundation's public image will be a formidable task, said ASU's Dawn Gilpin.


Bioscience / Biotech | Research | Health Solutions | Life Science:  ASU physicist Paul Davies seeks cancer cell control switch

Paul Davies writes a first-person account of his work in cancer research.


Earth / Space | Science | News coverage:  Krauss' book makes New York Times Best Seller list

"A Universe from Nothing: Why There is Something Rather Than Nothing," a provocative book by Lawrence Krauss, is holding fast on the New York Times Best Sellers list.


Downtown Phoenix campus hosts White House summit

The White House kicked off the first of a dozen Hispanic Community Action Summits sponsored by the Obama Administration at ASU’s Downtown Phoenix campus, Jan. 28.


Law:  Law professor comments on self-driving cars

ASU Regents' Professor Gary Marchant was recently quoted in the New York Times article, “Collision in the Making Between Self-Driving Cars and How the World Works.”


Earth / Space | News coverage:  Martian meteorite in ASU collection

KNAU Arizona Public Radio/NPR in Flagstaff, Ariz. discusses the martian meteorite housed at ASU with Meenakshi Wadhwa.


Journalism | Health Solutions | News coverage:  New flu research creates worldwide concern

Commenting in a recent issue of Nature, ASU professor Ed Sylvester and scientist Lynn Klotz, say the recent round of research at two labs that created a potentially contagious form of H5N1 has everyone on edge.


Humanities | News coverage | Social Science:  Original sacrificial offering discovered at Teotihuacan

ASU's George Cowgill comments on recent findings in Mexico's Teotihuacan of what may be original ceremonial offerings on the site of the Pyramid of the Sun.