August 29, 2015

More ASU News


Health Solutions | Mayo Clinic | News coverage:  Can treadmill desks help keep us young?

Could walking while we work significantly improve our chances of living to a ripe old age?


Research | Environment | News coverage | Life Science:  Breakthrough science: mapping CO2 emissions

ASU researchers have developed a new software system capable of estimating greenhouse gas emissions across entire urban landscapes, all the way down to roads and individual buildings.


Law:  Sylvester talks about importance of traditional law school experience

Dean Douglas Sylvester of the College of Law explained the importance of a traditional law school experience in an article by Lauren Saria for KTAR on Jan. 27.


Sustainability | Renewable energy | News coverage:  Will America embrace clean energy by 2050?

Following President Obama's inauguration last week, ASU's Global Institute of Sustainability explored the president's energy plan.


Education | Innovation / Entrepreneurship | News coverage:  New book asks: Can technology customize education too much?

ASU's James Paul Gee calls into question modern technology's increasing ability to individually tailor learning experiences, thus narrowing students' horizons.


Earth / Space | Science | News coverage:  Doomsday: five minutes to midnight

ASU's Lawrence Krauss explains the Doomsday Clock in a recent Future Tense article, titled "How Close Are We to Doomsday?"


Research | Health Solutions | Mayo Clinic | News coverage | Social Science:  Fat stigma the last acceptable prejudice?

A recent article in the Inquisitr that reports on widespread prejudice against obese people cites a study conducted by ASU medical anthropologist Alexandra Brewis.


Law | News coverage:  Hodge discusses ethical issues of flu vaccines

James G. Hodge Jr., ASU Lincoln Professor of Health Law and Ethics, was a guest on KJZZ's Here and Now to discuss ethical issues surrounding flu vaccinations.


News coverage | Social Science:  Chocolate may have been part of ancient American Southwest diet

Recent research implies that chocolate was being consumed by the indigenous people of present-day Utah in the eighth century.


Earth / Space | Science | News coverage:  With the Higgs Boson found, is there anything left to find?

ASU's Lawrence Krauss explains in a recent Future Tense article on Slate that without the next area of focus defined, particle physics research is greatly endangered.