July 05, 2015

More ASU News


Environment | News coverage:  Cerveny: Bragging rights for extreme temperature

On Dec. 28, the New York Times reported on responses to the World Meteorological Organization’s announcement that Death Valley, Calif. now holds the record for the world’s hottest temperature.


Science | News coverage:  What the Amish can teach us about technology

Despite our rapid technological advancements, for the sake of our interpersonal relationships, we can learn valuable lessons from the Amish, says ASU's Jamey Westmore.


Law | News coverage:  Ellman comments on New York state family law

An article in The Wall Street Journal about the manner in which New York state family law treats professional licenses and degrees as part of community property in divorce actions included comments by professor Ira Ellman.


Journalism | News coverage:  When big brother and little brother converge

Disguises will be the next big thing, until they're outlawed, of course, according to ASU's Dan Gillmor.


Sustainability | Faculty and Staff | Life Science:  Report: Climate changing watersheds

Climate scientists say temperature changes and shifts in species ranges and moisture will have major effects on natural ecosystems, especially watersheds.


News coverage | Social Science:  ASU partners in Mojave Language Recovery Program

An NSF-funded collaboration between ASU's Center for Indian Education and the Fort Mojave Tribe is featured in International Innovation.


Law | News coverage:  Bender comments on State Bar investigation

Paul Bender, professor and dean emeritus at the College of Law, was quoted in an article titled, "State Bar investigates Attorney General Tom Horne," in The Arizona Republic on Dec. 3.


News coverage | Social Science:  Vintage toys reconnect us with our past

Toys from our childhood can stir powerful memories and emotionally reconnect us to times, places and people that are long gone.


Students | News coverage:  Dogs bring Barrett Honors students some comfort during finals

The stress of finals week melted away when honors students got a visit from specially trained comfort dogs.


News coverage | Social Science:  Ancient bones that tell a story of compassion

Jane E. Buikstra discusses bioarchaeology or the methods of physical anthropology, in a New York Times article.