August 28, 2015

Media Training for Faculty, Staff and Students

Given a chance of spending an hour in the dentist’s chair or an hour being interviewed by a news reporter, many people would open wide and take the Novocaine.

Working with reporters, though, can be painless and even fun. Preparation helps; so does knowing the benefits. Reaching out to a classroom of thousands, maybe even millions, through newspapers, television, Web sites, blogs and radio, supports ASU’s mission of access, excellence and impact.

A media interview is an opportunity to deliver your story to the audience. During this interactive presentation that includes hands-on learning techniques, media relations experts will teach you the essentials to achieving good press. You will learn about:

  1. How the media works and what makes the news
  2. A spokesperson’s role as an administrator and/or faculty member
  3. Why it’s important to have a media relations expert on your side
  4. How to respond to media inquiries and interview tips
  5. How to craft key messages and communicate them effectively
  6. Typical reporter traps and how to avoid those traps
  7. Key aspects to radio and TV interviews
  8. Steps to take after the interview

Prior to the session, we ask participants to submit a brief questionnaire, bio/resume and copies of their unit’s existing key messages.

During each session, up to three participants will be pre-selected to engage in a print, radio or TV mock interview with tailored scenarios to practice technique. Each interviewee will receive a thorough interview analysis from the session’s trainers.

All participants of Guide to Good Press also will receive a packet of materials to be used in preparing for future media interviews, including the session’s presentation and a quick tips brochure.

Groups of five to 15 can request a Guide to Good Press session in time increments of four, six or eight hours. In order to deliver the most effective session, trainers request a maximum of three participants be selected to conduct mock interviews, and mock interviews are lengthened based on the time increment selected. Every training session includes one lead trainer and one support trainer. Units can also request sessions that are more intimate for participants of five or less. Please consult with Guide to Good Press organizers for exceptions to these guidelines.

To schedule a Guide to Good Press session for your unit, contact: Sharon Keeler, Office of Media Relations, 480-965-4012,, OR your unit media relations representative.