April 18, 2014

Media Contacts

Our primary responsibility is to help journalists prepare complete and accurate ASU stories and we do the best we can to put you in contact with the most appropriate university representatives to speak on a particular subject or issue.

The university provides a wealth of potential feature stories and has experts on just about any subject you care to name. We want ASU expertise to be readily available as you prepare stories and story ideas.

To speak to a press officer, call 480-965-3502. Normal office hours are 8 a.m. - 5 p.m. (Mountain Standard Time) Monday through Friday. For after hours inquiries call 602-540-8453.

The ASU Media Relations Office is located in the Centerpoint Building at 660 S. Mill Ave., Suite 416, in Tempe. Media parking is available.

Mailing Address: ASU Media Relations, PO Box 875011, Tempe, AZ 85287-5011.

For immediate assistance at the Tempe campus or on matters about the university as a whole, contact:

• Media Relations Office

• Sharon Keeler, media relations director
480-965-4012 or sharon.keeler@asu.edu

• Julie Newberg, media relations officer
480-727-3116 or julie.newberg@asu.edu

• Skip Derra, national media relations officer/science
480-965-4823 or skip.derra@asu.edu

For West campus inquiries, contact:

• Matt Crum, media relations manager
602-543-5209 or matt.crum@asu.edu

For Polytechnic campus inquiries, contact:

• Jessi Wilson, communications specialist

For Downtown Phoenix campus inquiries, contact:

• Marshall Terrill, media relations officer
602-496-1005 or marshall.terrill@asu.edu

• Julie Newberg, media relations officer
480-727-3116 or julie.newberg@asu.edu