July 22, 2014

ASU endocrinologist addresses modern threat of 'sitting disease'

Posted: July 22, 2014
Jim Levine, co-director of ASU-Mayo Clinic joint initiative, Obesity Solutions
Endocrinologist James Levine is an expert on "sitting disease." The co-director of the ASU-Mayo Clinic joint venture Obesity Solutions recently talked with USA Today about this modern threat and what people can do to prevent it.

Recent research suggests that excess sitting can be linked to 34 chronic diseases and conditions.

Noted endocrinologist James Levine offers his insight on the subject in a USA Today interview. A longtime researcher of “sitting disease,” Levine co-directs the Arizona State University-Mayo Clinic joint initiative known as Obesity Solutions.

Levine recommends doing at least 10 minutes of non-exercise movement each hour. He also offers practical suggestions for working such movement into a daily routine, like walking around the room during commercials when watching TV.

While regular exercise is beneficial, he points out that it is not enough to combat a lifestyle marked by excessive sitting. He adds that it is particularly important for retirees to observe the 10-minutes-per hour schedule of activity if they want to “lead a zestful, purposeful existence after a life of hard work.”

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USA Today

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