July 17, 2013

ASU Venture Catalyst ranked among top university business incubators

Posted: July 17, 2013
Gordon McConnell, assistant vice president of entrepreneurship and innovation at ASU.
Photo by: Arizona State University

ASU's Venture Catalyst has received high praise, writes Hayley Ringle for the Phoenix Business Journal – the incubator is among the best in the world. 

"The University Business Incubator Index ranked ASU 18th on its annual list of the Top 25 Global University Incubators, and number 10 on its top 10 list for the U.S.," Ringle reports. "The UBI Index reviewed 550 university incubators around the world, performing a study of 150 university business incubators in 22 countries. Incubators were measured by more than 50 performance indicators."

ASU Venture Catalyst was started in October 2010 and is a unit of the Office of Knowledge Enterprise Development based at ASU's Scottsdale Innovation Center, SkySong. The unit received new leadership when Gordon McConnell, assistant vice president of entrepreneurship and innovation at ASU, took over in June 2011.

McConnell is quoted in Ringle's article, saying, "It is heartening to see that the huge level of innovation, entrepreneurship and spinout activities at ASU has been quantified on the global stage." 

Article source:
Phoenix Business Journal

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