May 07, 2013

Students use technology to solve real-world problems

Posted: May 07, 2013
ASU students put their projects on display at the College of Technology and Innovation's annual Innovation Showcase.
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A recent article in the East Valley Tribune celebrated the forward-thinking of students at ASU’s College of Technology and Innovation.

Last week, students put their work on display at the college’s annual Innovation Showcase. Every project was inspired by a real-life problem that needed a solution.

“These are authentic projects. There’s no ‘fake’ project here,” said Ann McKenna, the school’s Department of Engineering chair. “These are companies coming to us saying, ‘We have a real need, we have a real problem. Can your students work with us to develop a real solution?’”

One project finds a better way to deal with pet hair.

‘You throw all the clippings into the bag and then when you’re done, you stick it into this machine and press the lever and compress the pet hair,” said student Chris Embrey.

Retail giant PetSmart is considering implementing something like his device to reduce the amount of pet hair going into landfills.

From water conservation, to thermal imaging to the latest uses for solar panels, these students are putting their minds to work and making tomorrow’s technology right now.

“It’s a very motivating thing for students,” McKenna said. “They look forward to going to class to do this kind of work.”

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East Valley Tribune

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