March 05, 2013

ASU dean weighs in on maker movement and 'hackerspaces'

Posted: March 05, 2013
The College of Technology and Innovation Startup Labs on ASU's Polytechnic campus provide open collaboration and innovation space for students to make their ideas happen.
Photo by: FJ Gaylor

In a recent article in USA TODAY College, writer Caitlyn Finnegan discusses the ever-evolving maker movement and the emergence of "open-source hackerspaces – physical places where community members can meet and work on projects."

Finnegan talked to Mitzi Montoya, vice provost and dean of ASU's College of Technology and Innovation, about how the college's recently announced partnership with TechShop – a membership-based DIY workshop and fabrication studio – spurs the "evolution of open innovation and creates more open access to tools."

The college already has several spaces to encourage open-collaboration among its students. One of which is Startup Labs, a place for students to meet, brainstorm, draft ideas on dry-erase walls, create prototypes and eventually make their ideas happen.

With the addition of TechShop in downtown Chandler, students and community entrepreneurs and innovators will have access to a wide range of machinery, tools and software.

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Jessi Hibsman,
Office of the Vice President for Entrepreneurship & Innovation