March 04, 2013

ASU releases its first Sustainability Initiatives Revolving Fund annual report

Posted: March 04, 2013
SIRF funds supported a dozen ASU energy-reduction projects during 2012.
Photo by: CFO Visual Communications

The first Sustainability Initiatives Revolving Fund (SIRF) annual report highlights a dozen energy-reduction projects at ASU that were supported by SIRF funds during FY2012.

SIRF can provide financial support for projects submitted by individuals or departments across ASU that reduce the university’s carbon footprint. Nearly all SIRF proposals that meet the economic return on investment criteria are awarded SIRF funds. Money saved through the implementation of small- and large-scale energy-efficient projects is reinvested into SIRF.

Learn more about how SIRF and download a PDF version of the SIRF 2012 Annual Report on the SIRF website:

If you have questions about SIRF, please contact Lisa Frace, chairman of the SIRF committee and associate vice president of planning and budget at ASU:, or 480.727.8117. 

Wendy Craft,
ASU Business and Finance