May 15, 2012

Printmaker, artist uses bird imagery, native symbols

Posted: May 15, 2012
"I'm always trying to keep people on their toes," says Jacob Meders, "not always knowing what my work is going to be like next."
Photo by: Jorge Martin Melchor

An artist and member of the Mechoopda Indian Tribe of Chico Rancheria, Calif., Jacob Meders "is known for using bird imagery and native symbols," writes Jorge Martin Melchor of Indian Country, in a recent video profile of the ASU graduate student.

Meders overcame dyslexia on his quest toward a college degree, and is now a part of the highly ranked master's program in printmaking at ASU.  

"He likes to blend traditional Native American techniques with modern influences," writes Melchor. "Meders said he was always creating works as a kid, and it didn’t even occur to him to do it for a living until he was in his 20s. Now, he sees art as a way to engage people of all cultures, and teach others about his native culture."

Article source:
Indian Country

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