April 19, 2012

Student projects shine at Innovation Showcase

Posted: April 19, 2012
Students on the Honeywell iProject team work on the touchscreen test system refinement project.
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The dog waste digester project for the Town of Gilbert will use anaerobic digestion to turn waste into energy that will power a light.
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A student on the "Spiderman" team puts finishing touches on the modular device that will allow a soldier with a 100-pound backpack scale a vertical wall.
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More than 100 student and industry-sponsored projects will be on display at the Innovation Showcase, from 9 a.m. to 12:30 p.m., April 25. The projects highlight the ingenuity, creativity and hands-on problem solving skills of the College of Technology & Innovation students as they tackle real-world challenges.

Projects will be set-up in and around the Cooley Ballrooms on the ASU Polytechnic campus. Attendees can RSVP at https://technology.asu.edu/index.php?q=innovationshowcase.

Under faculty mentorship, teams of students have worked on semester- and year-long projects, some sponsored by local and national companies and organizations as part of CTI’s iProjects program. iProject sponsors who will be represented at the Innovation Showcase include Honeywell, GoDaddy, AMD, SRP, General Dynamics, Raytheon, City of Tempe, Town of Gilbert, Vyykn and Sandia. These projects and other student projects cover a wide range of areas including alternative energy, video gaming development, aviation, robotic and software.

ASU President Michael Crow recently recognized the iProjects program with the 2012 President’s Award for Innovation.

“The iProjects program allows students and faculty to work across disciplines to create, design and develop solutions to challenges defined by industry partners,” said Mitzi Montoya, vice provost and dean of the College of Innovation and Technology. “These projects articulate the College’s focus on applied and project-based learning and finding solutions to real-world problems.” 

In addition to experience working on multi-disciplinary teams and in direct contact with the industry partner, iProjects show the potential of the students as well as helping them understand the constraints of real world challenges.

“Our students have the capacity to go from concept generation to functional prototypes with the industry partners engaged in the process along the way,” said Chell Roberts, executive dean and professor at the College of Innovation and Technology. “We are creating authentic practice-oriented learning experiences for students that result in increased competencies and, often, employment by the external sponsor.”

Projects at the Innovation Showcase include:

• Students working on the “Spiderman” project, sponsored by the Air Force, have designed a modular device that allows soldiers with a 100-pound backpack to scale up vertical walls.

• The team working with Honeywell has designed, developed and fabricated a fully automated precision instrument that can perform test procedures on touchscreen panels developed for aviation applications.

• Students on the General Dynamics team have created a self-sufficient, easily transportable shelter system for use in remote locations. It provides its own water and energy to reduce the frequency and need to transport supplies to personnel working in isolated areas.

• The Town of Gilbert team has developed a dog waste digester that uses anaerobic digestion to break down dog waste and convert it to energy that will power a light at the Cosmo Dog Park.

• Students on the SRP team are measuring the performance of solar-aided residential hot water systems. They are comparing the energy of the solar system to a control system, both of which have been installed on the Polytechnic campus.

Jessi Hibsman, Jessi.Hibsman@asu.edu
Office of the Vice President for Entrepreneurship & Innovation