February 03, 2011

ASU revises academic calendar

Posted: February 03, 2011

To provide greater flexibility for faculty and students, ASU will implement several semester changes to the academic calendar beginning with the Spring 2012 semester.

The revisions – having no impact on the current semester or the Fall 2011 semester – include the implementation of  two 7.5-week sessions per fall and spring semester (referred to as sessions A and B) in addition to the usual 15-week semester schedule (referred to as session C); a short fall break for all sessions; and two six-week summer sessions (session A and session B) in addition to an eight-week session (session C). Winter session will no longer be offered.

Greater flexibility and opportunities for faculty and students are key drivers of the change.

"For example, a faculty member who normally teaches a 2/2 load during the academic year, could fulfill annual instructional responsibilities by teaching in the fall A session and the spring B session," state university leaders on an ASU site that informs students and faculty of the revisions.

To access frequently asked questions for faculty, visit http://students.asu.edu/calendarchanges/faculty. To access information geared toward students, visit http://students.asu.edu/calendarchanges/students.

Britt Lewis, britt.lewis@asu.edu
ASU REACH Institute